Pretty Little Liars Set Visit, Preview: Twisted Darkness to Come!

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Following one of television’s most exciting season finales, Pretty Little Liars returns tomorrow night with new episodes and many new questions.

On our visit to the Burbank set of the hit ABC Family show, star Troian Bellisario cautioned audiences that the Mona as “A” exposé is merely be the tip of the mysterious iceberg.

“Is there another ‘A?’ You will not have to wait too long to find out the answer. It will be quite shocking,” Bellisario said. “We're definitely going deeper and darker into how twisted Rosewood is as a community. We’ve always tried to push the envelope with this show, but in our third season they feel capable of going so much deeper.”

When Pretty Little Liars Season 2 concluded, the love of Emily’s life, Maya, had suspiciously passed away, a development Shay Mitchell believes involves her least favorite stalker in some shape or form.

“Just like Alison’s murder,” Mitchell said. “One possibility is that Mona acted alone and killed both Maya and Alison. In Emily’s mind, ‘A’ is the one that killed her.”

Mitchell says Pretty Little Liars fans should be prepared for a deeper conspiracy when it comes to A. The show’s villain could be someone who used Mona as a puppet, as the actress thinks there's a "higher ‘A’ character controlling Mona." She isn't alone in that theory.

Ashley Benson, for example, points to Lucas. On season three, it appears he has gone completely off the rails.

“Lucas is becoming very sketchy and very different. You’ll see him in season three and you won’t even recognize him. It’s nerve-wracking to all the girls, especially to Hanna. He’s changed and could be someone who is helping ‘A,’” Benson said. “Everybody is a suspect in our eyes. Anybody who crosses paths with us is now seen as a bad guy and Lucas is now one of them.”

Fortunately, it’s not all gloom and doom for our heroines this summer. There’s still romance in the air.

“Toby and Spencer are super happy and have no problems. I think from now on everything in Rosewood will be fine,” Bellisario joked. “No - if we didn’t have drama on the show and drama between the characters, there wouldn’t be a show!”

Confirming that Hanna and Caleb will "always be an item," Benson teased that she won't be the only member of her household to be dating on Season 3. Her mother's impending love life "is going to become a really fun thing to play off of," says the actress.

Just don't look for Emily to get back out there.

“Emily’s lost her girlfriend and I think she just needs emotional support from a friend more so than from a girlfriend," Mitchell says when asked about Paige. "Emily's treading the waters very carefully right now.”

That's probably a sound philosophy for all characters to take on Pretty Little Liars. You never know what's swimming in the Rosewood deep end.

Catch up on Pretty Little Liars episodes from last season now and then tune in to ABC Family tomorrow night for a brand new installment.

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