Ella: Sometimes I wish we were still in the basement.
Veronica: Oh my god. You remember how we got out of there?
Ashley: You know Pam didn't drink for a year after that.

Are you here to kill me?


I may not be able to see, but I can smell a bitch a mile away.


Like I promised you, I will always be here for her.


Hanna: Mona?
Mona: Who else would it be?
Hanna: Waiting for you, Charlotte.

Ezra: First, we need to get that body out of your trunk.
Aria: How?
Ezra: I have a masters degree in American literature. There's nothing I can't handle.

Spencer: How do you like the ladies room?
Caleb: It smells nicer.

Hanna: Maybe she went out the back.
Caleb: She would have set off the alarm.
Hanna: Well, she didn't just flush herself.

I don't have it anymore. Somebody stole it from me. Someone's always stealing the game for me.


My god, you guys are arguing like you're married or something.


Ezra: You have an alibi here. There's nothing linking you to Dunhill.
Aria: His body's in the trunk of my car.

Emily: It was just another police car.
Alison: That was the third one in an hour.
Emily: Yeah, they're watching us.
Alison: And they want us to know it.

Pretty Little Liars Quotes

Emily: A's a terrorist, that's what she wants: To make us worry

Mona is five feet
of insidious snark with a side ponytail,
and I just -- I wanna grab it, and I wanna yank it really, really hard.