Army Wives Review: Time For A Jump!

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What on earth?!? What was with the five-month time jump? I turned my head for a few seconds and was so utterly confused that I didn't even know what happened.

This was seriously one of the strangest episodes of television I've watched in ages. It seemed like the writers were scratching their heads and thought, to Hell with it. Let's just head into the future and forget these problems!

Jackie and Kevin try to come to terms on Sophie: I was really pleased with the scenes between Jackie and Kevin in "Baby Steps." They were solidly a couple, and even though daddy's little girl, Sophie, tried to pry her parents apart in terms of her punishment for her fake ID, she wasn't wholly successful. Jackie made some good points about how Sophie sees her as doing nothing worthwhile as Kevin goes around the world in the hopes of changing it.

It hardly makes her daughter want to listen to her and taker her views on life seriously. But I guess it was all smoothed over, as at the end of the show there was only a month left to Sophie's punishment.

Jackie's Worried

Hector and Gloria continue marriage counseling: You wouldn't need a counseling background to read the body language of Hector and Gloria. She was sitting woefully to one side of the couch and Hector was sitting rod straight with arms crossed at the other. I can't figure out why they're dragging this story out. Was anyone interested in them as a couple before they hit a rough patch? They seemed to be in the midst of problems from the moment they hit Fort Marshall, so rooting for them to stay together would be asking a bit much under the best of circumstances. 

The unbalanced story given to Gloria, favoring her situation over Hectors, only makes it worse. I enjoy Hector being attacked by buffalo in an insurance commercial more than I do on Army Wives. If they want us to care about him, they are going to have to give the actor some material to play with win us over. Send in the buffalo, perhaps?

Or go to church, run into each other and jump ahead five months. Problems solved. Until the baby comes. Oh no, not Gloria's baby. Penny's baby. Yes, you guessed it! Hector's one night stand turned into a child. Unless Penny is pulling the wool over his eyes. We'll have to wait two weeks to find out.

Charlie wants to have a baby: They aren't even married yet, have only just crossed the hurdle of Nicole's mom accepting them as a couple, and Charlie's already tossing out her plans for children. Not just any child, mind you. But Roland's baby! Joan's reaction was priceless, and I was with her. She's just begun to tolerate Charlie and Roland wants her to consider spending the rest of their lives as family? Talk about a huge decision!

If they were all better friends, it would make more sense. As Joan and Nicole would be the odd men out of the equation, it would be uncomfortable all around. The good news is? We missed the wedding completely, jumped ahead in time and Charlie was already five months into fertility treatments. Roland remained outside that family loop. 

What happened to Roxy? There's barely anything left to like about her. She's not doing anything of value, we've even lost the scenes of her leading the FRG meetings so we could see her strength and growth. Instead all she does is wish Trevor was someone else and that she was anywhere else but at Fort Marshall. If she wants to divorce Trevor and move to California to be with Pamela and Chase with her four kids, have at it! She should have a chat with Gloria first, to try to remember what it was like when her other marriages fell apart. 

I loved what Marta said to her before she left. Roxy deserved to hear that. She was looking at everything wrong. Yes, Trevor could be killed, but he could be in so many different careers. She has a beautiful life.

Again, thanks to the time jump, everything went really well, but before Roxy got to her baby shower she went into labor. She's an army wife, so I don't expect her labor will be easy. She'll probably code on the table, and one or both of the twins will have a traumatic birth. You know the drill. It's Army Wives. Nothing is ever what we expect!!

Baby Steps Review

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