Fringe Exclusive: Stars Speak on Season 5

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Many tears were shed during the Fringe panel discussion at Comic-Con on Sunday, as cast members such as Anna Torv and John Noble visited supporters at this annual San Diego event for the final time.

We caught up to those same stars a short while later. And while no Kleenex were needed during our video interviews with the cast, many Fringe Season 5 scoops were shared. Consider yourself spoiler warned...


Noble speaks about the hero that is soft Walter and what a waste Season 5 would be without him, as well as Fringe going down in history as one of the greatest science fiction stories of all time:

Lance Reddick wonders what it must be like for Broyles to come face to face with his friends after being apart for over 20 years. He also touches on his desire to go out on a heroic note:

Joshua Jackson discusses the importance of finishing the character arcs, as well as the ongoing story of Fringe and how different it is going into the season being in the know about where the season is heading.

Teasing that all is not always what it seems in the world of Fringe, Joel Wyman shared his thoughts on the thematic reasons for visiting the alternate universe, the 13 season love letter to the fans that will be Season 5 and whether or not we might learn the fate of our friends "over there."

Laying to rest the great fear of fans world wide, Anna Torv talks about her return to the Fringe world of 2036, as well as what it would be like to meet her mother at her age, Olivia and Peter being parents to Etta and the her hopes for the legacy of Fringe.

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Fringe Quotes

Walter: The sacrifice is hard son, but you're no stranger to it.
Peter: Neither are you, dad. You sacrificed a lot.

All I want is someone who'll warm me when I'm cold, feed me when I'm hungry, and maybe take me dancing.


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