Rookie Blue Round Table: "Coming Home"

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With Andy's mom "Coming Home" on last week's Rookie Blue, our Round Table team is here to answer such pressing questions as:

Was Sam right to be wary of Claire? Was Jerry being too hard on Traci? And what's going on with Dov?

Join TV Fanatic's Christine Orlando, along with Nathalie, Kathryn and Cythy of the Rookie Blue fan forum Two Worlds Collide, for those answers and a lot more in this week's edition of the feature.


What was your favorite scene?
Nathalie: Right at the end, during the party, when Andy goes to her mother and says "Mom" instead of "Claire" like she did at the beginning. I'm so happy for her I hope her mother doesn't screw this up twice.

Kathryn: Favorite intense scenes were Ollie breaking down in the car with Izzy and the gun standoff. Favorite fun scene was the food fight. Andy really launched a LOT of flour right in Sam's face. Hilarious.

Cythy: I'd have to say Andy hugging Oliver - just shows so much about her care for everyone in her "family."

Christine: Ollie breaking down in the car with his daughter. He almost had me in tears.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Was Jerry being a jerk or was he justified in his treatment of Traci?
Nathalie: He's right but I think he's going a bit overboard, treating her like a simple trainee. She doesn't deserve special treatment but I guess I just didn't think he'd be a jerk when being someone's boss.

Kathryn: Both. I'm not quite sure if he was overcompensating in not trying to skip the hazing because she's his girlfriend and/or he wants to make sure she doesn't get a chance to screw up again for a while, or if he's just really got a problem dealing with her becoming more of a peer. But he was a bit of a jerk.

Cythy: I think he was being a jerk but he was doing it simply because he was having trouble finding a balance since she is his girlfriend but he knows he should be hazing her.

Christine: Yeah, he was a jerk. Having his girlfriend as his trainee is not a great situation. I think he's trying too hard to show there isn't any special treatment and in doing so he's holding her back. He needs to figure this out soon before it starts to hurt their personal relationship.

What is Dov doing with Crystal?
Nathalie:  I have no idea. He's trying to help her, even if he says he's trying to help himself. But she seems to be hanging on to him and in my opinion, it's not healthy, for either of them.

Kathryn: There's so many mixed emotions swirling around those two, I can't quite get a full read on just what's the deal between them. She's been pretty unfair to him, but I did get the feeling that however things evolved in the time we didn't see, she felt he'd led her on, and I don't think she knows about Sue. I kind of love how they've made it ambiguous and something the audience is supposed to be anxious and upset about.

Cythy: I think Dov is not over the shooting and still feels guilty about it. He's helping her study because he knows that her mind is not fully on her studies since her brother is dead.

Christine: I know Dov is trying to assuage his guilt but I can't imagine bonding with the person who shot your brother is healthy. On some level, she's always going to be angry at Dov. I can't see that any of this ending well.

Was Sam right to investigate Andy's mom?
Nathalie: It's Sam's clumsy way of showing Andy he cares. He doesn't want her mother to break her heart again and he's right, neither do I. Andy suffered enough her whole life, family wise.

Kathryn: Not exactly, but I'm totally not surprised he did it. I get that Andy was rightfully mad, but I thought she was out of line to say it was didn't concern him at all and that she didn't want him weighing in on everything. Really? Their relationship is not the casual type where he's going to have no opinion on something that big. I was put off by her attitude even though I know there's pretty much nothing as raw as her feelings about her mom.

Cythy: I think he is right to investigate her mother because he is worried about Claire hurting Andy again. I don't think he needed to dig as deep as he did but it just goes to show how protective he is of her.

Christine: I understood Andy feeling like he went behind her back but telling him it wasn't his concern was hurtful. He loves her and wants to protect her. He's got every right to be worried.  It may not be right but if I were in Sam's shoes I might do the same thing.

Did you think Ollie was going to shoot TK?
Nathalie: No. Oliver is a good man so I'm glad he made the right decision. Matt Gordon was fantastic in this episode, I'm glad he got this story line to showcase how great of an actor he is.

Kathryn: Not really, but that scene blew me away, and I was more concerned he might actually snap and do something stupid than I expected to be. Matt Gordon was incredible in the whole episode, but that was amazing. The reactions from Ben and Missy really added to it as well. Powerful stuff!

Cythy: I'm really up in the air about this one. On the one hand I'd like to paint the picture that he wouldn't while on the other hand, TK was hurting his daughter. I think that had Sam not kicked in the door and had Izzy not followed, he was so fueled by anger that he might have pulled the trigger.

Christine: Ollie a good person but when somebody hurts your kid, reason can fly out the window. He could have made a back decision in that moment. Thankfully Izzy was there to talk him down and if necessary I think Sam and Andy would have had his back.

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