Rookie Blue Round Table: "Leap of Faith"

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Psychic predictions, surprising proposals... and one heartfelt I love you had Rookie Blue viewers swooning on over "Leap of Faith."

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff writer Christine Orlando is joined by Rookie Blue fans Nathalie, Stacey, and Kathryn from Two World's Collide fan forum to debate which couples are in it for the long haul and who won't make it all the way to the altar.

Join in the fun and add your answers below...


What was your favorite scene?

Nathalie: When Andy tells Sam she loves him because she glows with happiness!

Stacey: Andy telling Sam she loved him, even though Sam didn't return the sentiment. Andy was adorable and full of excitement as she said it, and Sam was surprised but I think also genuinely happy to hear her tell him she loved him. A very close second for my favorite scene was Oliver singing in the cruiser.

Kathryn: Any McSwex scene is automatically my favorite, and I dug this one. But the "I love you" scene at the end, Jerry's you have to believe speech, and the guys belting out the cheesy power ballad in the squad car all tied for a very close second place. I laughed so hard when all three of those guys got INTO it.

Christine: I've got to go with the Holy Moly after glow scene. I don't expect a sex scene every week but it was nice to see these two having so much fun. There hasn't been enough of that lately.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Should Sam have said "I love you" back to Andy?

Nathalie: It would've been pure perfection if he'd interrupted her relieved yapping with a "Andy... I love you too." (Swooning inside.)

Stacey: I would have loved to see that happen, but his reaction makes me think there's a reason why he didn't say it at that moment. I hope we get to see the back story that explains it, and that we see him tell Andy "I love you" soon.

Kathryn: I wasn't sure if I was disappointed that he didn't at first. But the whole thing was acted so beautifully by both, I think it was perfect the way they did it. Plus, his not saying it gives fans something to debate: is there some big reason Sam Swarek finds I love yous difficult? Andy was so adorable and giddy, and it WAS a weird time to blurt it out, so Sam teasing her a little was expected. But he seemed floored and delighted. I think he needed a minute to recover...and I'm guessing he gave her a few more Holy Moly moments the second they got home, maybe even stuck around for a while the next morning.

Christine: I actually loved it just the way it was. Sam was positively glowing. I have no doubt that he loves Andy and now we get to look forward to another wonderful scene in the future when he tells her so.  Win, win!

Will Jerry and Traci make it to the altar?

Nathalie: I would love to see them get married! I'm finally happy with them this season, it took seven episodes but they're right where they should be. So cute!

Stacey: I really want them to. They've had their ups and downs as a couple, but they fit well together. However, with Traci being someone who hasn't really ever wanted marriage, I'm worried she might get cold feet before they make it to the altar.

Kathryn: I have a bad feeling that the prediction that they won't may come true, one way or another.

Christine: I may be in the minority but I've never felt that Jerry and Traci were a long term couple. I agree with the psychic. I don't think marriage is in the cards for them.

Do you think Dov belongs with Sue, Gail or someone totally new?

Nathalie: I love Sue but after this episode I think he belongs with Gail. When she asked him what (or was it who) makes him happy, he didn't answer but he looked at her and I felt like they belonged together.

Stacey: Most definitely Sue. I've enjoyed what little we've seen of them together and hated to see it end in this episode. It would be great if Sue could come back, maybe next season, and her and Dov could reconcile once he's got his head on straight again.

Kathryn: Bachelorette #3, which I think should not be Chrystal. That just does not seem healthy at all. I liked Sue, but it doesn't look like that relationship is salvageable. I know some fans still ship Dov and Gail, but I like how things are between them now. Being snarky frenemies suits them, and Chris needs a wing man.

Christine: I think Dov and Gail are kindred spirits. In the end, I hope they end up together.

Do you believe in psychics?

Nathalie: I don't. I have a hard time believing in anything abstract like this. Doesn't mean that I can't be spiritual sometimes.

Stacey: Yes, but I'm very skeptical about anyone claiming to be a psychic. I believe there are a small number of people who are true psychics, but that the vast majority claiming to be such are fake.

Kathryn: No, but it makes for a good story line, and the actor was fantastic. I just can't believe what he said about Zoe cheating on Oliver.

Christine: In general, no but I find the possibility is great fun.  As part of this story, I loved all of the predictions. We'll see how many of them come true.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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