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-A witness in a mob trial is kidnapped while being transported by Nick and Oliver. Darius, a psychic comes forward to give them clues to find him.

-Although Sam and Jerry are non-believers, they follow the clues. Eventually they lead Andy and Nick to a warehouse where they find their witness being tortured. They save him, and make their arrests.

-When they find out Darius is the mobster's brother-in-law, Jerry calls him on it but Darius hasn't spoken to his sister in three years. Throughout the day he's given people his predictions. He tells Andy that Sam has never told anyone he's loved them and won't share and I love you with Andy any time soon. He tells Noelle she's having a girl. He tells Traci she won't marry Jerry.

-Jerry gives Traci a knife for their third anniversary. She's disappointed at the unromantic gift until she sees the "Marry Me" engraved on the back.

-Traci says she's not looking to get married by Jerry convinces her and she says yes.

-Dov breaks up with Sue.

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Rookie Blue Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Your pep talk needs help.


Who really cares as long as I'm happy.