Alphas Review: New Kids on the Block

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With Nina gone (for at least a little while) it was about that time for Alphas to bring some fresh faces into the mix, and "Alpha Dogs" did just that.

Kat is an Alpha who can learn anything, but only for a short-term period. In exchange for being a quick study Kat has no long-term memory; in other words, she has no recollection of her past unless it’s happened within a month. Kat’s abilities remind me of Chuck and the Intersect 2.0, even down to the potential memory loss, rapid eye movement and “flashing” as she was learning it.

Kat is paired up with Bill, and it’s not long before the little short stack wiggles her way into his heart, showing him how to use his ability without making his heart race.

Alphas Fight Club

It’s all fun and cute now for Bill and Kat now, but her memory causes a bit of problem since it looks like she’s going to be sticking around. The potential for double cross is so easy with Kat; Kat can be manipulated because she doesn’t remember things for long and Stanton Parrish is excellent at manipulation.

Nevertheless, Kat is a unique addition to the team in that it looks like she can improve and/or upgrade Alpha abilities. That can certainly come in handy as Cameron can choke at any point, Nina is off pushing people, Rachel’s consistency fluctuates, but Gary is flawless.

Speaking of Rachel, the inconsistency with her ability is getting annoying. There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium in regards to how much they want her ability to affect her life. At times it seems she’s getting all of her senses under control, and during other times, like tonight, her senses almost overpower her.

Maybe the situation with new tactical team leader John is what caused those differences because there was some obvious attraction between the two of them, and if Alphas ever does decide to go there with them I’m on board. Although with their chemistry already going to the “we can’t do anything because we work together” excuse I’m not holding out much hope.

The best plot point of the evening was learning more about Stanton Parrish and his civil war soldier past as Major Jacob Dunham. It offered a great parallel and potential foreshadowing to the plot points being built up this season. Stanton Parrish isn’t worried about a little bloodshed in the name of change and exerting Alpha supremacy even if it means starting a modern day civil war, but he’s also not willing to expose himself until he’s ready to – as his poor doctor soon found out.

All in all, while tonight’s Alphas certainly isn’t the strongest of what we’ve seen so far it’s by no means terrible. I just wish the case this week wasn’t so meaningless.

Alpha Dogs Review

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