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I'm not sure if "Domestic Maneuvers" went so quickly because so little happened, or because I didn't hate Army Wives this week. I don't know if either of the alternatives is really a win, but let's consider the former and call it one, shall we?

Motherhood was the theme, and the stories were cohesive and gelled nicely.

Let's get this out of first: With the way things have been written on Season 6, I was really hoping that Joan had gone completely off her rocker and given Marcus the syringe he used to OD. Until she told her story to Roland, her reaction of "Is he dead?" really had me fooled. Or hoping to be.

The story she told Roland about her past with the boyfriend who did heroin would have been much more effective if the writing hadn't been so shoddy. I couldn't believe she used a line like 'pot mostly, but he wanted to try the harder stuff.' Oh my.

Joan Is Angry

It did all make sense in the end, and I'm glad she and Marcus have finally come to terms with their future where David is concerned. She definitely had a reason to be concerned. I just wish she had talked about it sooner. Roland is only the most amazing husband of all time, so I can't imagine why she held it back. The ending was appreciated.

My favorite scene of the night was when Jackie finally laid it all on the table for Kevin. How she stood up for Sophie when their relationship is so strained was a great mama bear moment. If it took Kevin getting a career-ending injury for Jackie and Sophie to find their way to each other, it was worth it. Jackie couldn't be the punching bag for every member of the family and it seemed like Sophie finally understood what life has been like for her mother. 

As Trevor and Roxy put the final touches on their move, Gloria came back into town. I thought her leaving was strange, but not as strange as her coming back. I don't know why the dangling stories surprise me any longer, but still I get sucked in and confused. Roxy sold and then unsold The Hump Bar because she couldn't get her employees roles with the new owner. He threatened to sue her, and he'd have a great case. That's something that should come up again, but probably won't see the light of day. Roxy decided to leave the bar in the hands of Gloria. Paying it forward, if you will.

Finally, in the finale next week we're bound to find out what is going on with Michael and Claudia Joy. Denise and Frank spotted Michael eating dinner with an unknown woman and whoever it was, talking about it with Frank was sensitive enough that he asked him to close the door as the credits rolled. The real mystery will be whether Kim Delaney made it back to film anything for the finale. What's your guess? 

This was one of the best episodes we've seen in about a month. It was a little more sedate and far more satisfying than the crazed situations tossed our way lately. I hope next week follows the same style.

Domestic Maneuvers Review

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