Political Animals Round Table: The Woman Problem

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The Political Animals were all playing this week on "The Woman Problem."

And, in response, Round Table panelists Leigh Raines, Chandel Charles, Christine Orlando and Carla Day are here to break down the political maneuvering and who came out on top and who was shut down.


Which relationship stood out for you from "The Woman Problem" and why?

Christine:  Susan/Georgia and their boss.  He cheats on Susan. He puts Georgia down in the middle of a staff meeting. Why are these smart woman sleeping with this jerk? I'm fascinated and appalled all at once.

Chandel: The relationship between Bud and Doug. I had no idea what the dynamics between them were, and apparently Doug didn't truly know them either. That's what captured my attention about it.

Leigh: Can I pick Doug's relationships with everyone? First he got engaged to his uptight fiancee while they were on ecstasy, then we find out he thought Bud blamed him for Elaine losing the election. He's seemed too smart to get involved with Susan, but now he owes her.

Carla: It's a tie between Elaine's relationship with her mother and with her mentor Judge Nash. They both provided insight into Elaine's character and professional desires. I loved the mother-daughter cat fight and then make-up session. And, with Judge Nash, their heart-to-heart about Elaine's passion and the cost of attempting to win the presidency versus taking the Supreme Court nomination cemented previous ideas about Elaine's character.

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Should Elaine have taken the Supreme Court Justice nomination rather than continued her quest for the Presidency?

Christine:  It would be an honor and there is huge power in being on the top court in the land but no. Elaine not only craves the power, she needs the spotlight. She'd always regret not making another run at being President.

Chandel: No, I think she  really has a passion for running for President, and by all means should pursue it. I think she has what it takes to win. If that Pollster was right, she'll have the numbers to win as well!

Leigh: The nomination was a shoo-in for Elaine, but she isn't happy if she isn't giving it her all. If the presidency is what she wants, then that's what she should go after.

Carla: As the others said, Elaine made the right choice for her. She would never have thought "what if?" if she took the Supreme Court nomination. Plus, it probably would have bored her to give up the political maneuvering she has almost perfected.

Did this episode change your feelings about Bud, if so, how?

Christine:  Yes and no. In his way he loves and respects Elaine. More importantly he believes in her. He knows she can be President and if necessary he's willing to play the fool to get her there. In many ways these two are great partners and best friends.  Unfortunately he can't keep it in his pants which makes him a lousy husband.

Chandel: Just a little bit. I think for once I might be able to say that he thought about someone else besides himself at one point in his life. I really think he probably bombed that interview to soften the blow that was coming for Elaine.

Leigh: Yes, I realized that Bud, despite his surface, is less selfish than I thought. He isn't a great communicator, but like the pollster said he would fall through glass for Elaine. Not to say that means he'll ever be faithful, but he does love her.

Carla: It did. Bud acted differently towards (almost opposite) both TJ and Doug on their fishing trip. They all have complicated relationships with each other. More importantly, Bud showed that his actions aren't all about him and catering to his ego. He cared and still cares about Elaine. Unfortunately, he can't keep his pants on.

Susan: Genius for playing both Elaine and Doug? Or, sleazy reporter?

Christine:  Both. She's put herself inside the story and has the main players owing her but I was surprised at how hard she played Doug.  He definitely owed her but I don't think she needed to rub his nose in it quite the way she did. That may come back to haunt her.

Chandel: I'm not sure yet. I think she may start out with the intent to play them and it might turn into something besides a story and develop into an amicable relationship. Either way, it's probably going to be a win for her in some way.

Leigh: She was a sleazy reporter and it is definitely in her nature. She is trying to fight the fact that she's changing, really does like Elaine and wants to change.

Carla: The growing relationship between Susan and Elaine has been mutally beneficial and they both now the price of it. Susan has built that "friendship" brilliantly. Unfortunately, I'm afraid her strong-arming Doug is going to come back and bite her big time. She may have overplayed her position with him.

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