Suits Round Table: "High Noon"

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Suits wrapped up a terrific summer season last Thursday with "High Noon."

But our coverage of the USA Network hit is far from over. In this special edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff writer Chandel Charles is joined by Dianne of Harvey Specter Support Group; Susan of SuitsObsessed; Bianca of SuitsFans; and TV Fanatic reader Alexandra.

Read on for their take and then jump in with your own...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Chandel: When Donna told Louis that he betrayed his team. I don't think anyone else could have said those words and actually been heard by Louis. It was a reminder that Harvey, Mike, Donna and Jessica really are a team, and even though he was often the butt of their jokes, Louis was too. Now Louis knows that there a was a line and he crossed it.

Dianne: The whole time Harvey was at Mike's place... smoking a joint, eating a whole bag of pretzels, saying "Harvey doesn't get Cotton Mouth," the laugh like a hyena, the back story of Harvey's childhood with his parents and what he wanted to do to Daniel Hardman's office - and then going back with Mike to do it.

Susan: Hands down when Harvey and Mike were smoking some Mary Jane together. It showed Harvey’s willingness to get on Mike’s level in order to offer some sort of comfort and support and it also allowed Harvey to relax and let loose for a bit.

Bianca: I would have to say it was the epic smack down between Harvey and Tanner. It just showed so much of Harvey's anger that has been building for such a long time. To know that Hardman actually stooped that low is absolutely horrible... yet not very surprising!

Alexandra: By far my favorite moment was when they all voted to get Hardman out. I raised my hands and yelled in excitement on the couch. Either that or when Harvey was boxing because he looked soooooo good. Or Rachel and Mike kissing. Gosh, there were way too many!

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From slipping back into his drug habit to sleeping with married women, do you think Mike is on a path to relapsing? Or is this just his way of dealing with grief?
Chandel: I am really hoping this was just a way of dealing with Grammie's death. But I have a feeling that even if the drug habit doesn't persist, Tess will likely be around for a little bit longer.

Dianne: I don't think Mike's recent bad behavior is a sign of things to come. It's just Mike's way of dealing with the grief of losing his Grammy. So Tess is married? She never explained if it's a happy marriage or if she's separated. So Mike started smoking again? Harvey entered his place and smoked one too (did anyone else notice how Harvey knew where those joints came from?).

Susan: Hopefully it’s just Mike’s way of dealing with Grammy Ross’s passing. But it’s most likely the beginning of a downward spiral for Mike.

Bianca: I would have to say that this was his way of dealing with grief. I mean, his grandmother, who was his last living relative and rock, just died! Assuming that someone like Mike would NOT react in such a manner would be kind of naïve. I really don't think he's spiraling downhill or anything, but would not be surprised if it lasts a little longer than one episode.

Alexandra: I think it's just Mike's way of dealing with his grief, at least, I'd like to think so. Even Harvey said he thought he would like more work. Everyone handles grief differently and I think Mike is just trying to cope the only way(s) he knows how.

Is the last we've seen of Hardman?
Chandel: I wish the answer was yes - but I'm smarter than that. He made the threat to Jessica, and he's going to find a way to make his presence known and felt somehow, even without physically being there.

Dianne: NOT BY A LONG SHOT!  The way he left things, he basically said "this isn't over." I'm sure he'll be back between episodes 11-16, causing more trouble for everyone. He's a bad man!

Susan: Most definitely not, it’s always hard to get rid of a bad apple, and Hardman is one rotten apple.

Bianca: "Goodbye Daniel." One of the best lines of the night! I definitely think Hardman will be back because as we all know, he is not one to just accept things, no matter what he says. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing! He is a dirty player and he will find some way to return! He for sure will attempt to make everyone's lives even worse! Whether or not he tries to draw it out or do it in one go, we will have to wait and see. After all, you can't cast such an important character and have his story end there.

Alexandra: Oh no. Hardman will be back.

What do you think is in store for the final six episodes of the season?
Chandel: More of the Rachel, Mike and Tess love triangle; Louis trying to find a way to fit into the system he betrayed, but can't leave; and, as for everything else, I can't wait to see what Aaron Korsh and company come up with!

Dianne: It would be nice to see more back story about the cast, maybe get the chance to meet Harvey's mother or brother; perhaps another case involving Travis Tanner (the man we all love to hate because of how he acts around Harvey); more awkward moments with Louis; more brilliant moments with Donna; more powerful moments with Jessica; and a lot more clever witty banter between Mike and Harvey.

Susan: A lot of drama! I’m most interested in seeing how Louis will be treated now that Hardman is gone. Louis was such a jerk in this episode! He followed orders from a guy who in the past was more than willing to screw him over and now that guy can’t protect him, so it will be interesting to see how he fits back in again.

Bianca: I think we will get to see more of Mike trying to deal; Jessica reclaiming what is rightly hers while watching her back; more of Tess - because you can't just end it like that; Rachel hopefully getting over Mike and focusing on what is important to her: Harvard; Louis being Louis and dealing with the damage he's done, even if it ended in the right way; Donna being a queen; and Harvey continuing to protect what is his!

Alexandra: PLEASE getting Rachel and Mike together. Please.

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