Warehouse 13 Round Table: "An Evil Within"

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Okay, "An Evil Within" wasn't the most exciting Warehouse 13 episode of all-time.

But the second installment of Season 4 still gave our Round Table team of Nick, Judy and Jim a lot to discuss. They breakdown the latest developments below. Gather around and join them...


What did you think of Pete and Myka's mission this week?
Jim: It was unique. It was hard to really hate the guy who was doing it given what happened. But, at the same time, he didn't honor his wife's memory very well by going on a revenge streak.

Judy: I agree with Jim in the uniqueness of the mission. People seeing monsters with tentacles isn’t normal, even for Warehouse 13. I also agree that while it was hard to hate the guy for his reasons behind the attack, he really went off the deep end in his grief. None of this was going to bring his wife back no matter how many people he hurt/killed.

Nick: I thought it was lacking this week. It just felt rushed and out of place within the episode. Pete and Myka would have been better served being incorporated with the plot to bring Steve back from the dead.

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Steve is back! Are you happy he's back? Do you think he still the guy we once knew or is being tied to the metronome going to change him in some way?
Jim: I'm thrilled that Steve is back for Claudia, He has really become her "Pete". I hope they can keep him around this time, he makes a good partner for Agent Donovan.

Judy: I think it’s great Steve (Agent Jinks) is back. I thought killing him off so soon felt wrong. It’s obvious Claudia is thrilled. I think Jinks is still Jinks but he’s going to have to change a bit because of his new ties with the metronome. He doesn’t have much choice.

Nick: I'm excited Steve is back partly because the show could use some new blood and partly because there was so much more to learn about his character. I'm a little wary about the metronome changing him in some way, but what concerns me more is Steve's resurrection after three days - Jesus didn't stick around too long after his resurrection.

Why did Jane defy the rest of the Regents in deciding to bring Steve back?
Jim: I don't think she defied them as much as didn't tell them. She and Claudia are a lot alike and in this case, they both agreed that having Jinks back was worth the risk... Only time will tell if they were right or wrong.

Judy: I agree with Jim. If I recall, wasn’t it the Regents that asked Agent Jinks to go rouge – be a double agent to find out what Sykes was up to? I think Jane felt it was wrong for the Regents to allow Jinks to die for something they miscalculated and for not using the metronome sooner.

Nick: We're all in agreement that it was the right call for Jane to bring Steve back. I think Jane's motivations were pure, and it's a great way to show Jane's humanity playing at odds with the rules and regulations of the warehouse overlords because it's the exact same thing everyone on the show deals with albeit through a different lens.

Is Artie making more out of Brother Adrian's warning about evil than he really should be?
Jim: Artie is certainly looking for evil in every corner and event. Of course if Brother Adrian is to be believed the evil that is unleashed is pretty bad. On the flipside compairing a war with the destruction of mankind due to the loss of hope means that Artie doesn't even have a choice anyway.

Judy: I don’t think Artie is making more of what Brother Adrian said but he is making it worse. He’s seeing potential evil in things that may not be there. When he tried to stop Claudia, he was worried that because of his using the astrolabe, if Claudia used the metronome to bring Jinks back, it would potentially unleash the evil. For now, we won’t truly know if using the metronome was good or bad.

Nick: Artie's nerves are certainly getting the best of him, and it seems like every premonition he had is beginning to come true; however, I'm with Jim on this because Artie had no choice in the matter: save the Warehouse and restore humanity or just let mankind die out. The choice was simple, and Artie is willing to live with his consequences. What's driving part of his paranoia is the fear that he can't tell anyone what happened, and he's literally struggling with the weight of the world and his choices all by himself.

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