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Aside from the personal developments and overall plot arc, "An Evil Within" left much to be desired.

Let’s start with the bland: the case of the week. Maybe it’s because Artie has a case of the setting-the-clock-back-and-bringing-evil-to-the-world blues, but the investigation really didn’t do much for me.

The artifact and concept were fun and unique in bringing Lovecraft’s creations to the world in a different way, but the execution fell flat. I had no real investment and I think it can be chalked up to being the C-plot this week; it just ended up being filler more than anything else.

Jane Lattimer Returns

The real action was Claudia doing everything in her power to make sure Steve was brought back from the dead... even if that meant defying Artie and possibly Jane. What’s rather interesting about all of this is Jane was completely on board with Claudia tying Steve to the metronome.

Jane knowingly used her position and influence to change the course, going against her fellow Regents and Artie’s objections. I’m wondering if the Warehouse’s demise did something to the Remati Shackle to make her feel this way, or maybe Jane was just looking at the situation from a human perspective: Steve was taken too soon, and if he can be brought back then he should.

Whatever the ultimate intentions are, I'm happy to see Jinxy back. The rhythm and flow Claudia has with him hasn’t diminished with his death, and his revival brings with him many questions. Is he going to be the great harbinger of evil that Brother Adrian warns Artie about? I’m not sure, especially when the show keeps trying to peg that to Claudia.

These events bring some religious aspects to the show this season. There’s Brother Adrian. Steve’s revival after three days. There are so many interesting possibilities: does the Vatican have its own Warehouse-esque facility? Is Steve going to end up having to sacrifice himself? Could the knife Artie is dreaming and pinging about be what is used to kill the “sacrificial lamb?”

Other thoughts:

  • Myka is afraid of tentacles.
  • The final conversation between Myka and Pete had a sense of foreshadowing. As we know the Regents reprimanded Jane for bringing Steve back, and I wonder if Pete’s black and white views will end up being at odds with Jane's decision. Pete doesn’t see the world for the shades of gray like Myka does, and it would certainly give more story to mine out of their mother-son relationship.
  • Artie pings on the knife Claudia stabs him with during his dream...after Brother Adrian leaves. Maybe Claudia and Artie are the lambs to be slaughtered in Brother Adrian's eyes.

This week's winning quote is...

Claudia: Maybe I ruined your karma, or put a kink in your plan to achieve enlightenment and come back as a butterfly or whatever Buddhist's do. Maybe I've upset the whole cosmos, I don't care. I would do it all again. | permalink

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An Evil Within Review

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