Warehouse 13 Round Table: "Personal Effects"

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In anticipation of tonight's new installment, our Warehouse 13 Round Table team is taking a look back before the show moves forward.

What did Nick McHatton and Jim Garner (of TV Fanatic) and Judy Manning (of Your Entertainment Corner) think of last Monday's "Person Effects?" Find out below and then chime in with your take on the latest developments...


Claudia and Steve are literally connected. Are we going to be seeing any other weird things from them thanks to the resurrection?
Jim: So far, Claudia feels Steve's injuries. I'm pretty sure there is going to be a "Steve gets XXXX from Claudia" at some point.

Judy: I found this most intriguing. They are bonded in the most peculiar way and I think it may have resulted from Claudia’s impatience when using the metronome while reviving Jinks. I shudder to think of poor Jinks having to deal with Claudia’s menstrual cramps! LOL!

Nick: I do think it'll eventually go both ways, but the thing I'm most interested in is what will happen to Steve because of this.

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Any guesses on who the mysterious person is that Artie contacted about finding the knife?
Jim: I'm hoping HG as I would love to see her make a return visit.

Judy: I thought maybe it could be H.G. Wells since Artie ardently voiced his opinion for her release after using the astrolabe. However, I also thought it might be Regent Jane Lattimer who has already defied the Regents once, why not again?

Nick: No disagreements from me. I, too, am hoping HG was on the other line. She certainly knows how to keep a secret and she has enough knowledge of artifacts to find it.

Will Artie heed Leena's advice and share his burden?
Jim: He will have to at some point. You can't carry that kind of weight without some help.

Judy: I think Artie is too frightened to say anything. I think he’s very concerned about the fact that he said anything while under the influence of the golf club artifact. I know he’s tempted to tell but his fear overpowers that temptation.

Nick: He will eventually, I just hope he does so before he gets too deep into this sidequest on which he's embarking.

What was favorite quote from the episode?
Jim: Pete's comment about loving to kick in doors was pretty funny and just seems like something Pete would say.

Judy: There were a couple that made me chuckle.. .but the one that stands out is “Look, for all we know it could be Cheech and Chong’s” (Pete referring to the mysterious pipe artifact). I did like Jink’s line about the birds: “Woodstock and Tweety...”

Nick: Claudia and Steve in the clothing store, from you're going to make me play even if I say no to "thongs give me a rash."

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Warehouse 13 Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Artie: What's next?
Leena: Devil's Lake Country Club.
Artie: A Jew and a Black Woman go to a fancy country club. All we need is a priest and a horse and we could do the whole joke.

I feel like Helen Hunt in Twister!