Warehouse 13 Round Table: "There's Always a Downside"

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Simply put, there's always a downside. This much we learned on the latest Warehouse 13 episode.

What else did we learn? Find out below, as Nick McHatton and Jim Garner (of TV Fanatic) and Judy Manning (of Your Entertainment Corner) breakdown the latest happenings and debate the latest developments in our weekly Warehouse 13 Round Table...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Judy: There were a couple, but the one that piqued my interest the most is when Brother Adrian and Artie are sitting in the diner; the conversation is wrought with tension and now I'm anxious to see how the Brotherhood's policy to do whatever has to be done will play out.

Nick: There were just so many great little comedic moments between Steve, Claudia and Pete. I can't choose one.

Jim: I really enjoyed Artie's entrance and the other four commenting and playing around. You can tell they are a close-knit group now and I love glimpses into this before missions.

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What did you think of the tag-team switch up?
Judy: I liked it. I think it's nice to see a switch up because you want to see how they collectively work with each other. We know Pete and Myka have great chemistry, as does Claudia and Jinks. However, I really enjoyed watching Jinks and Myka riddle out the mystery of the patients in New Orleans while Pete and Claudia hashed out the IMT disaster at the school.

Nick: Loved it! Steve needed a little Myka perspective to figure out how to deal with Claudia, and the comedic duo of Claudia and Pete is always hysterical.

Jim: It's a trifecta! I also loved it. Artie's comment about "choose your own adventure" made me laugh. I hope we see some Pete/Jinks and Myka/Claudia mix-up too!

Myka's new "bed head" look: like, love or hate?
Judy: Thank you for mentioning this. I was wondering if it were just me... or does Myka need to borrow some Frizz-Ease and wide tooth comb? I am not liking it. Her tousled look is looking a bit frazzled. Her hair is way too curly to not tame.

Nick: I'm average on it. I don't hate it, but I don't love it.

Jim: I hate it! I really liked the straightened hair, I'm indifferent to the curly hair, but this bed-head-rats-nest look needs to go!

On a scale of 1 to 5, how dangerous is Brother Adrian?
Judy: 6. Brother Adrian pushed past that 5 mark for me when he made the comment "II will respond in kind" to Artie. Dude is seriously off-the-charts dangerous.

Nick: I'm still holding out hope the Adrian isn't necessarily dangerous, but rather rigid in his own beliefs. He didn't experience the world Artie saved, and he's responding based on nothing more than blind ideology...or that's what I would've said had we not gotten the ending we got - therefore, a 5.

Jim: I'm going to agree with Judy and go with 6+. Not following any rules makes him very dangerous if he is true to his word.

What was the crystal Artie picked up at the end?
Judy: In the premiere, they mentioned the black diamonds in the watch which led them to the Brotherhood. The black crystal could be a calling card for the Brotherhood.

Nick: It means the brotherhood has infiltrated the warehouse, like Judy pointed out the Black Diamond is their calling card. Artie's life's work essentially boils down to everything he's accomplished for that warehouse.

Jim: Thanks Judy/Nick, I didn't catch that at all. I thought it was part of an artifact.

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Warehouse 13 Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Claudia: why the switch up, you know I'm teamed with Jinks
Artie: This is a job, not a "Choose your own adventure.'

Myka: Artie! Finally you were supposed to be here 30 minutes ago. You're never late. Are you ok?
Claudia: I told them you got hung up telling kids to get off your lawn.
Steve: Maybe you were busy inventing fire.