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The utterly random final season of Weeds continues with "Saplings."

Silas was presented with a job offer out of nowhere (does tobacco have Major League Baseball-like scouts perusing the medical field?), Andy met a woman and got married in the same night and Doug... well, what is there to say about Doug at this point?

He's not actually a character on Weeds. It's in his own world every Sunday night.

In North Carolina

I'll keep this short because I know it isn't fun to read the same complaints every week, but the lack of continuity and/or flow is astounding for a show that reached such high levels in its prime.

There's really no rhyme or reason to any development at this point. Stuff just happens. Not a lot of it even makes sense. We're meant to believe that Andy's now-wife - who he was attracted to because of how caring, kind-hearted and normal she seemed - would up and marry a guy she literally just met?

This appears to be someone very well grounded, someone who loves kids and would want a family. Not someone who would tie the knot after a single heartfelt discussion with a stranger inside a restaurant.

And I'm all for the idea of Silas moving up in the world. I enjoyed his speech about taking pride in his growing and how he wants his product to reach the masses. I just could have used some build-up to this massive life decision, as opposed to one week of work in the lab and then a quick flight to North Carolina and - boom! - he's a member of big tobacco.

Oh, and Jill is just gone?!? Just like that? She took her daughters and went back to Oakland? Talk about a sudden decision, considering how well she and Nancy appeared to be getting along again - and what happened to their little side business of making money off college drug sales? It's all just a whirlwind of a mess of a season.

Only a few episodes remain. Does anyone really feel like we're headed somewhere here? Most shows that are given an end date used that final season to carefully plot and pace out the stories or the tension that will result in a worthy finale, one that ties up loose ends or sends characters off to a destination that feels appropriate, given the journey we've taken with them over the years.

I just don't feel that on Weeds. How about you? What is your take on the final season so far?

Saplings Review

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