Switched at Birth Review: Not Quite A Honeymoon

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At the end of last week's Switched at Birth, we saw Regina make a risky decision in order to keep Angelo in Bay's life. Of course, by "risky decision" I mean shot gun wedding, so you can only imagine everyone's reactions in "The Intruder."

Hey, at least Bay is happy, right? Well... not completely because she's been nicknamed "Angry Girl" by another street artist, but that will always be Bay.

Sharing the Big News

It seemed like everyone was harboring a lot of pent up anger this week. First, Toby lunging at Emmett was long overdue. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying that even though Toby is so soft spoken there was no way he wasn't feeling major resentment toward Emmett and Simone over the affair.

I know you're all going to think I'm totally bipolar since I hate on Simone so much, but I have turned a corner and am feeling bad for her. She's a teenager and she made a mistake as several readers have pointed out. Think about all the mistakes you made as a teenager... and even after that! I think Emmett and Simone are both remorseful. Even if Toby is still angry about it, he's a stand up guy and neither he nor Bay would participate in a "slut" slamming website.

What was up with Regina seeing Simone at the AA meeting? 

As for everyone else, Emmett is crazy to think that Daphne is perfect and nothing upsets her. Daphne is really strong, but that doesn't mean she's made of steel. I'm glad Chef Jeff was nice to her when she had a mini-breakdown. We're only human and do the best we can. That romance is not a bright idea, but I'm looking forward to seeing what happens!

Angelo's move into the Kennish home is enough to shake up everyone's lives, even the people who are the least invested in the storyline. I'm wondering if Grandma Adrianna is right and this is secretly what Regina has wanted all along. Personally, I think she's onto something. It's been almost two decades with these two; the feelings are still there whether they are dormant or not.

More romance and drama are set to come in the upcoming weeks. What did you all think of the latest Switched at Birth?

The Intruder Review

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Switched at Birth Season 1 Episode 24 Quotes

My boss got his citizenship by marrying a lesbian in Nashville, if they could get through their immigration interview we'll be fine.


Bay: She said it wasn't a big deal.
Toby: Tell that to the vein in mom's forehead.