The X Factor Review: We Have a Winner?

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In the final week of auditions, The X Factor showed America a ton of young hopefuls, a contestant passing out and the first singer to impress enough that I am calling him the Season 2 champion. Yes, already.

Let's recap who we saw perform on Wednesday night, both The Good and The Bad...

The Good

Dinah Jane Hansen: She lives with 20 people in a four room house, or at least that's what she told the judges. Her performance of "If I were a Boy" started out a bit shaky with the whisper, but once things got going she was pretty darn good.

Daryl Black's X Factor Audition

Arin Ray: You may remember Arin from last season when he made it through the first few rounds, but was then place on the Frankengroup called inTENsity. I hated inTENsity, but vaguely remember Arin being one of the only few bright spots. Even if he was good last year, the kid was MUCH better this time around. He sang an original, and it's difficult to explain why it was so good. Maybe it's confidence, maybe it's just an "x factor," but Arin killed it. He was one of the only people on any of these singing competitions to do that talking bit before the track, and actually have it sound professional. He sounded official, and that is definitely a good thing.

Austin Carini: I wasn't buying the love he was getting from those two girls backstage, but he kind of sang the heck out of Hunter Hayes' "Wanted." He has a great tone, but unlike what the judges had to say, he has a terrible haircut.

David Correy: He went with "Just the Way You Are," and it was pretty solid. David didn't bring anything new to the record, but this is not an easy song to sing, so just sounding good on it is an accomplishment. If and when he finds his birth mother, I think she will be proud of him.

Sophie Tweed-Simmons: I commend Sophie for not wanting to get into the business with her father's help, but I don't quite understand it. If you're good, you're good. If having a famous father can get your foot in the door, why not take that opportunity to get your start? I thought Sophie sounded great in her rendition of "Make You Feel My Love," but the judges were more of a mixed bag.

Daryl Black: I will probably be wrong, and he probably won't have another good performance this entire season, but I'm calling for Daryl Black to win the second season of The X Factor. He had a great voice, he had the smarts to change up "Stereo Hearts" just enough to make it different from the original, and he had a smile that could melt ice cream.

The Bad

Adonis and John: I have no idea how these two guys thought that multiple people were needed for this performance. Since they were so awful, they should go back to their diner and make everyone who watched it a free bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

Changyi: This was straight out Idol. The X Factor hasn't done many of these absolutely wacked out auditions, but maybe they were just saving up for this one. Between the outfit, the accent, and that awful voice, I don't know how they let her on stage.

Nick Youngerman: Wait, what? This guy singing (I'm really playing fast and loose with the word singing in this case) "Ice Ice Baby" terribly has made it through to boot camp? L.A. said Nick would make it all the way to the finals.  Whuck? There must have been something wrong with the sound in the theater that day.

Jamie: This married couple was not only sickening with all their kisses and lovey talk, but they didn't realize that if they win they aren't just handed the $5 million right then and there. It's a contract, not a cash prize. Their original song was terrible, and their performance of it was not much better.

Tara Simon: She has a good voice, I understand that, but she made The Bad section because of her attitude and for how hard she was trying in that performance. She showed range, but my God she needs to quit it with all of the vocal aerobics.  Just sing the song and let your voice shine and you may have a chance to move on further in this competition.

Trevor Moran: He said dancing plus singing is Trevor. Hey kid, I'm pretty sure that equation rings true for many, many people. Before we got a chance to see him on stage, "Dancing Plus Singing" ran into a bit of a health issue, and we were all left with a cliff hanger before Thursday's final audition episode.


Will Trevor be okay? Will he perform well? Who was your favorite from Wednesday night? Who was your least favorite? And do you think Daryl Black has a chance to win this thing? If not, who do you think is going to win The X Factor?

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