Up All Night Review: Honor Thy Neighbor

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Tonight's episode of Up All Night took awhile to hit its mark, but the culminating scene of an outburst from Chris was worth the wait.

Reagan and Chris played trading places on "Home/Office," as Reagan tried her best to learn the ins and outs of Amy's day while Chris struggled to stay in the garage and focus on work with Scott. 

Reagan had every right to ask Chris to stop back-seat parenting, but she would have been wise to ask for a bit more of a scouting report when it came to Amy's routine. She deserves credit, though, for maintaining the homeostasis in the neighborhood as long as she did. That Pomeranian would have broken me much sooner and I certainly would not have had the decency to show up with so much as a stale Pop-Tart let alone a stack of Lean Cuisines.

Reagan At Home Adventures

Unfortunately, I can't defend her locking herself out of the house while Amy roamed free inside. Thankfully, Amy and her inner artist adorably came out, instead of a weird fascination with kitchen knives.

That scenario is something every parent dreads and, as a result, guards heavily against. Perhaps I am being too harsh on Mrs. Mom. Had the situation arisen, I'm sure Reagan would have thrown a potted plant through that sliding glass door to get to her angel. Luckily it didn't come to that and all she suffered was a trashed phone and a little windowsill humiliation.

Ava certainly saved the day, but unfortunately for us fans, that was about the best thing she did all episode. I did enjoy the chance to see her strut and have fun in the studio but I just felt like the choice of Sean Hayes to play Walter was a poor one and tainted her performance. With all due respect to Jack McFarland fans, I felt he played the role too big and needed to be a bit darker or downtrodden. The recipe for funny was in the script, it just didn't execute as well as it could have I don't think. 

Favorite moment of the episode, hands down, had to be Chris's trashing of the "ecosystem," which also topped this week's list of best Up All Night quotes

Two things I have to mention before beginning the dreaded week long wait for a new episode:

  1. To whomever was in charge of the extras on set: Thank you for having the couple behind Reagan and Chris actually stare at them while Reagan panic stricken, questioned her ability to be a stay at home mom. I hate when show extras just carry on with their fake conversation when the main characters are blatantly causing a scene. 
  2. Will Arnett's arms. Did anyone else notice those things? Holy hammer curls. I haven't seen a forearm like that since Quagmire discovered internet porn on Family Guy. He is in some shape and so is this series even if tonight won't go down as an all time favorite. 

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Up All Night Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Chris: I just came to enjoy me a Diet Fresca.
Reagan: All Frescas are diet.

I lied to your face just to keep the peace.