Castle Round Table: "Cloudy With a Chance of Murder"

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"Cloudy With a Chance of Murder" depicted Castle in all kinds of hot water, all thanks to a bikini-clad reporter who at least gave our Round Table team plenty to discuss.

Come along now as TV Fanatic staffer Chandel Charles, Carla Da, and Christine Orlando are joined by Castle fan Mary Lou from The 12th Fan Forum, as they debate whether Rick should have agreed to that date and whether Caskett can survive keeping this secret.


What was your favorite scene?
Chandel: Kate refusing to kiss Rick because all she could see were that reporter's "boobs in his face." It just made me laugh.

Mary Lou: As much as I loved the opening scene, the end scene was my favorite.  I loved it because Kate and Castle were open, honest, and communicating with each other, not hiding anything.  We've waited a LONG time for that and it's great to see them working together at being awesome.

Carla: I enjoyed the relationship stuff between Castle and Beckett at the beginning of the episode. It was hilarious to watch Beckett get worried about what clothes she would wear when she always wears the same thing. Has she dressed to impress Castle all these years? And, then for Castle to change his routine of getting Beckett coffee. Duh, if you don't want to be found out, you don't change your routine. Though it was fun!

Christine: For me it was the opening scene. It was just so cute and normal and domestic with a bit of sexy thrown in. I'm hoping we get a lot more scenes like that this season.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Was taking a punch all it took for Esposito to forgive Ryan?
Chandel: I think it reminded him that they really are partners and that nothing about that has changed, even though Ryan felt he had to go to Gates in last season's finale.

Mary Lou: It sure seems like Esposito is finally ready to bury the hatchet. I hope that he and Ryan are able to clear the air over their beers. It's been hard to watch them be on the outs with each other.

Carla: Looks like it. I expect there will still be some tension between the two, but I hope they get back to normal as quickly as possible. Their argument should be done and over.

Christine: I think it's a start but I still believe it's going to be a long road to get these two partners back to the level of trust and friendship they had before.

Should Rick have agreed to the date?
Chandel: NO! He totally should have declined politely. I don't think it helped that Kate told him they needed to keep their relationship a secret and told him to pretend to be single. That only perpetuated the problem, but I think in the end he still should have declined.

Mary Lou: I understand that he agreed to the date to keep up the appearance of being single. He had a "deer in the headlights" look on his face while trying to figure out what his answer should be. I felt kind of sorry for him. He didn't really have time to come up with a reason why not to go out with Christine that would sound believable and that she would accept. Still, he should have said NO!

Carla: He really didn't have a choice. He was on live TV and said that he was single, it would have been awkward if he said, "no." Though, he should have gotten out of it after the fact. He didn't handle that very well, especially when she showed up at his house. He did act very Castle-like, so I guess you can't blame the guy for being himself.

Christine: I'm with Mary Lou. "Deer in the headlights" is the perfect description. Turning her down on live TV after he admitted he was single would have been really awkward. Of course he should have made up an excuse to cancel later but his bumbling once she turned up at his place was so funny I'm kind of glad he didn't.

Rick and Kate are scrambling already. How long can they keep this secret?
Chandel: I'm going to give them at least a few more episodes. I think they could do it if they really put their minds to it. Given today's performance, however, I think the cat will come  out of the bag eventually.

Mary Lou: It's going to get harder and harder the longer they're together. I'm not sure how long they can keep it a secret. I think they should tell Martha, Alexis, Jim, Ryan, Esposito and Lanie. They'll probably figure it out anyway. Those are the people who love them most and have been rooting for them to be together. They would "have their backs" and keep their secret for them.

Carla: Not much longer. I hope they are able to keep it up a bit longer, though I really hope that when their friends and/or family figure it out that they play along. That would be so much fun to watch.

Christine: They should really be better at this. At this rate it won't take long for their friends to figure things out. I hope Castle tells Martha and Alexis soon and Kate at least tells Lanie.

Will keeping their relationship a secret hurt them in the end?
Chandel: I don't think it will hurt them unless they let it. As long as they aren't keeping secrets from one another, I think they still have a chance for everything to come out okay.

Mary Lou: There's no show if they're not together at the precinct solving crimes, so it will not end their work relationship. However, keeping the relationship secret will be stressful for them both.  It may cause some bumps along the way, but I believe it will all work out in the end. I'm holding Andrew Marlowe to his promise that he wouldn't get them together just to break them up again.

Carla:  I don't think so. If anything, it will allow them time to get used to being together romantically and creates a bit of intrigue that they both thrive on.

Christine: I think it's added stress they don't really need and letting family and close friends know would probably give them added support. But I think they're in this for the long haul. As long as they keep talking to one another (something fans have waited to see for four seasons!) I think they'll be just fine.

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