How I Met Your Mother Review: Consolation Prize

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Someone tell Barney I need to borrow his Booty Call phone to ring Marshall and Lily because the problem I had with tonight's How i Met Your Mother definitely warrants an eight or higher.  

There should have been a Creatively Bankrupt section to tonight's wheel on "Who Wants To Be A Godparent" because someone needed to explain to Marvin why his parents mailed in another performance this season. 

Maybe I'm wrong to criticize the actors, perhaps the writers are to blame here, but after hearing Lily's ridiculous sobbing for the fifth time, I almost switched channels to a rerun of Hoarders. When Marshall started to lecture his single friends about how having a child is the only important thing in a parent's life, I kept expecting his next sentence to be a punchline, but it never came.

The Godparent Wheel

He was dead serious but dead wrong. When you have a child, you see who your real friends are because they are the ones who still seek you out even though you aren't doing things like closing down MacLaren's Pub anymore.  

Were we also honestly expected to believe a lawyer like Marshall would go online to draft their Will? Objection your honor...sustained. 

Marshall's line about smelling urine other than Marvin's was not bad, but ended up completely overshadowed by other scenes as poor as his brother Marcus's Jamaican accent. How that scene didn't end up on the writing room floor is beyond me. 

I realize for continuity sake they have to throw Ted's horrible girlfriend in now and again, but can't they make her annoying habits even the slightest bit amusing? I have such little interest in her that just now I can't even recall her name and frankly I don't care to look it up. She who shall not be named, Ted's personal Voldemort, needs to vanish already. 

While overall a disappointment, episodes like tonight do a serve a good purpose and that is they remind us of just how awesome Barney and Robin are. Together they made up most of the best How I Met your Mother quotes this week.

From the subtle jokes like making Marvin wear the brown and black reversible belt (which I definitely owned at one point) to the amazing children song parodies at Marshall's door, Barney showed some fresh legs. Sure, he also threw in a customary "wait for it" and a mental self high five, but for him those are as natural as breathing and shouldn't be held against him. 

Robin looked great in that motorcycle gear reminiscent of the T-Mobile spokeswoman, didn't she? What really made her stand out though was when she flexed her inner Maple Leaf and let the Canuck in her have some time in the spotlight. Like Tony Stark was a fan of Doctor Banner's alter ego in The Avengers, I too am a fan of Robin's edgier side. I loved the decorations in older Marvin's room when she was giving her answers as well as when she tried to hilariously play the female vag card during the competition. 

So the episode certainly had its moments, but overall something most definitely stank tonight and I don't think we could pin it on Marvin. 

What did you think? 

Who Wants To Be A Godparent Review

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