Last Resort Round Table: "Blue on Blue"

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"Blue on Blue" threw enough twists and turns at viewers to keep our Last Resort Round Table team guessing.

Below, Carla Day, Jim Garner and Christine Orlando gather to debate torpedo launches, talk versus action and what they consider the most surprising moment in the latest episode of this new ABC favorite...


What was your favorite scene?
Jim: Marcus and Sam talking after we learn that his son is dead. Watching Sam be the strong one so Marcus could let his guard down was very powerful. It really shows why Marcus has so many loyal to him.

Carla: With all the questions and doubt about loyalty, they made a statement on the island by raising the American flag at the end. They are Americans, who are fighting for their lives.

Christine: I loved the entire sequence with Sam and Grace going after the strike team while Marcus played the Americans and Russians off one another. There were so many dramatic moments going on at once that I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out how it would all play out.

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Should Marcus have launched the torpedo against the Illinois?
Jim: Absolutely! Firing an unarmed torpedo showed how quick and quietly he could respond. As he said, he had to show he means what he says.

Carla: Yes. The use of the dummy bomb proved that they were capable of defending themselves, but that they also didn't want to hurt fellow sailors. It also demonstrated that they have the upper hand due to the Perseus prototype.

Christine: It was probably the only thing that would keep the USS Illinois on the other side of that line.

Was Sam attempting to talk to the special forces team, admirable or stupid?
Jim: Yes to both. Sam should have realized right away that the uniforms were not US. But, at the same time I understand him wanting to try and save lives.

Carla: It was honorable. He didn't want to kill fellow Americans and risked his life to try to prevent that from happening. The situation just turned out to be something unexpected. They won't make that mistake again. They now realize their own country isn't the biggest threat, instead it comes from any country or organization that would want to steal the nuclear sub.

Christine: I'm with Jim. It was both. I understand not wanting to shoot fellow Americans but damn, that was a risky move. I never even thought about other countries dropping in on them but it makes sense. Everyone would be after the technology on that sub.

Is Prosser's venom towards Grace and Marcus warranted?
Jim: First, keep in mind that Prosser is Chief Of the Boat (COB), he is the most senior enlisted person on the ship. So it's his job to protect the well being of the Enlisted men and women. So I'm not surprised at his venom given that from his point of view Marcus disobeyed orders and Grace shot one of his men. Of course that doesn't mean he is right, just that he's going to be a problem.

Carla: Prosser's attitude is confusing to me. I don't understand his motivation for being so angry. There has to be more to the story, right? Or, he is just resentful that Lt. Shepard and Captain Chaplin are in higher ranking positions? He is blinded by his rage, but the motivation for that anger isn't clear to me yet.

Christine: Prosser's point of view is obviously very different. He feels Marcus disobeyed orders but as Captain, Marcus had reason to question those orders. He obviously resented Grace from the beginning. He'll never see that she had reason for shooting one of his men and he'll never forgive her for it.  Jim is right, Prosser is going to be a problem.

Which was the more surprising: The strike team was Russian, finding out Captain Chaplin's son is dead or Kylie considering switch hitting?
Jim: I wasn't surprised by the Russians. I was more surprised that Sam didn't realize that the uniforms and coloring were not US. However I was stunned that Marcus' son was dead, as he had not given any signs of being anything but a proud father. Wow, just wow!

Carla: I didn't see the Russian strike team or Chaplin's son being dead coming at all. Both were unexpected, but felt authentic to the story. And both outcomes add to the depth of the Last Resort story. Two episodes in and I already care about the characters and am engrossed in this world that's been created.

Christine: I had no clue they were Russian but I'd suspected Chaplin's son was dead. Both were great reveals but Kylie's lines about giving Linus a lap dance and switch hitting for the gorgeous woman he had a fling with really made me laugh. I think I'm really going to like Kylie.

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