Last Resort Round Table: "Eight Bells"

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"Eight Bells" featured viewers wondering how long Marcus could fight a war on not just two but three fronts.

In this edition of the Last Resort Round Table, our team of TV Fanatic writers Carla Day and Christine Orlando is joined by Last Resort fan Kelly to debate what the Captain's biggest threat and whether the COB is an asset or a liability...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Carla: When the sub had escape the US warships and then navigate the cavern, I was on the edge of my seat. It was nerve-wracking to watch, but that's what made it so great.

Christine: I don't want to be a copycat but that sub sequence made me feel like I was in a theater watching a movie. It was suspenseful and had me holding my breath. What more can you ask for?

Kelly: I hate to be unoriginal but you can't top the sub avoiding the depth charges, diving past 1800 feet and then scraping its sides on the cavern. Those moments were tense and thrilling.

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Were you surprised Julian killed Red?

Carla: No. They missed the deadline and he needed to show a sign of strength. If he didn't do it, then Marcus would have thought he had won and wouldn't have feared Julian.

Christine: Not surprised but perhaps the show of strength wasn't the smartest move. It may have been more beneficial to have Marcus owing him one than make him an enemy.

Kelly: Yes. I really thought he'd hold off until Marcus got there and see if he had his cargo. If not, then I figured he'd kill him not before. 

Should Marcus have let the COB out of jail?

Carla: Since they came to an understanding, then, yes. As long as Prosser can keep the men in line, then it is worth it. It's better to have the COB on his side, then working against him.

Christine: As long as he can keep him in line then yes but how long will it be until Prosser starts working on his own agenda again. I'm with Sam. I wouldn't take my eyes off of him.

Kelly: Whatever gives us more Prosser screen time, I'm all for it. And if he hadn't we wouldn't have had that great confrontation between Joe and Grace and that was my second favorite scene.

If you were Kylie, what would be your next move?

Carla: She needs to find an ally. Someone that she can trust and I don't mean her father or boy toy. Her life is in danger and unless she can find something to use as leverage, she's going to be in trouble.

Christine: I'd call the Admiral an ally but basically they are using one another to get information. She doesn't even know that her powerful father is working against her. I'm not sure where she turns next.

Kelly: I like Kylie but I don't know how she makes any headway in this conspiracy alone. Of course her only goal right now is to save her prototype so we'll have to wait and see where that leads.

Who is Marcus' biggest threat: The US. government, Julian or his own crew?

Carla: Right now, his own crew. If they rebel, then the US government and Julian become even bigger threats. He needs to maintain control over those who under him. They are the military force that will keep the US and Julian in check. Without them, he is screwed.

Christine: I have to agree with Carla. The only way he has a chance of surviving is if his crew is working together towards a common goal. If that falls apart they are done for.

Kelly: If the US government would back down or at least try and negotiate then he wouldn't have to worry about the other two so I'm going to go with his own government but any one of the three could destroy him.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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