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"Solid Citizens" said a thing or two about the history of Vegas. In the beginning, it really was held up as a place for guys like Vincent Savino, who thought they could start afresh, to get away from their bad guy pasts. It's too bad being a mobster generally doesn't allow you an out door to make an escape. I think Vincent would really consider it if he could.

The glitz and glamor of Vegas almost made it easier for the guys who weren't like the Vincents of the past (Meacham the kidnapper) to be seduced into becoming what they never would have if they lived elsewhere. What happens in Vegas, starts in Vegas.

Savino's Wife

It was enjoyable to meet Mrs. Savino, and understand a bit more about why Vincent is in Vegas. He promised his wife Laura he would go straight and they'd live the dream. She's given him the space he needed to do it, and even though her head is telling her otherwise, we'll be in for more of the lovely couple, as Laura agreed to join her husband by moving to to Sin City. 

Vincent wasn't involved with the case of the week, but his presence did bring to town a slimy character who tortured and kindly chatted to his victim before telling him his torture would be over, yet the lake would be cold. Ouch. We never saw the victim's face, but I'm sure it wasn't pretty. It's always more frightening when the evil dude is played by a geeky guy because they are so unexpected. Such was Mr. Jones, who I expect we'll be seeing again.

The case the Sheriff was working involved the gambling commissioner's son and his kidnapping. As Mrs. Larson watched her son being driven away, I wondered if people knew back then to look for the license plate. Have we always been as cynical that it's common knowledge to know to keep your wits as someone is kidnapped long enough to try to remember at least some of the numbers on the plate? It's sort of sad to think about. 

I know Ralph Lamb was dragged somewhat unwillingly into being the Sheriff, but now that he's there, he seems perfectly fit for the role. He also appears to enjoy the job. What is holding him back from running for the official position? He'll be on the ballot unopposed  so it's not as if he'll lose, or even if the number of votes he gets matters. Is it because he wants to do things on his own terms and the idea that he'd have to show up rather than want to show up everyday that's sticking in his craw? 

Now that he's been in this control position in Vegas, there's little chance he'll be able to go back to ranching, sitting at his desk and looking at the tree outside dreaming about his past and his family without wanting to be involved with keeping the city safe. I'd imagine he would get bored and start showing up at every crime scene just to pass time. If his ability to keep the peace wasn't proven in his office when he kept Mr. Lawson from beating the crap out of Meacham, then I don't know what else he could do to talk himself into it.

I suppose getting his entire family involved wasn't the best idea, in hindsight. His biggest worry on the job is about his brother and most especially his son. Dixon is not very happy about being relegated to desk duty. He's proven he can do the job and take care of himself, but Ralph isn't going to let anything happen him. We all know it's just a matter of time and a few more family squabbles before Dixon is back at the side of his father and uncle.

Studying the gray areas of Vegas is my favorite part. How Savino wants to be less mobster and more solid businessman and how Ralph wants to be less Sheriff and more rancher, and how the two butt heads and sparks fly when they are on screen together. I'll take more of the latter, please.

Solid Citizens Review

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