Bones Episode Preview: "The Patriot in Purgatory"

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Bones is all-new Monday with one of four episodes originally made for Season 7, but held over until this fall due to Fox's scheduling problems (the first, "The Gunk in the Garage," aired in September).

"The Patriot in Purgatory" finds Brennan fascinated with the game of basketball and the underlying concepts behind Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson’s philosophy of “teamwork,” at which point she calls upon five of her best “squinterns” to complete the task of identifying remains that have been deemed unidentifiable.

During their investigation, the squints uncover the identity of a man who died as a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which propels the team to determine if he was a perpetrator or a victim.

Watch Fox's promo for the episode below and see what you think ...

Click to enlarge photos from "The Patriot in the Purgatory" below:

Cam and Angela Photo
Paying Respects to a Patriot
Squinterns Unite!
Brennan, Angela and Cam
Investigating a Lead
Booth in Uniform

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Bones Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

Booth: I beat up bad guys, and I leap over things.
Sweets: You're describing Superman.
Booth: Exactly.

With Dr. Brennan, all the conventional rules of the universe become obsolete.