Castle Round Table: "After Hours"

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Castle and Beckett had their hands full on "After Hours," as the couple ran for its life. But were they running from a mob enforcer or the calamitous meeting between their parents?

Our Round Table team of TV Fanatic staffers Carla Day, Jim Garner, and Christine Orlando are joined here by Castle fans Jenn and Jennifer from The 12th Fan Forum as they decide who was to blame for the dinner disaster and whether Castle and Beckett have what it takes to make Always a reality...


What was your favorite scene?

Carla: When the cop pointed out that Castle and Beckett could take the cab ... that was right there. A hilarious end to their crazy game of hide and seek, while trying to get out of the neighborhood.

Jim: Rick on the phone with the girl whose phone they had. Thought it was interesting she was more worried about her phone than the window in her car.

Jennifer: I would say my favorite scene is more a three way tie between, my two favorite funny moments: Castle disturbing the peace in order to get help at the apartment building and Kate busting in the car window for the cell phone and my favorite tender moment: their hug at the end.

Jenn: I really enjoyed the bickering throughout, but my favorite scene was near the end where with her hands bound Beckett races up to Castle and throws her arms over his head for an amazing hug. It that moment they didn't care who saw them, they were just filled with the relief that they still had each other. To me that one scene spoke volumes about their relationship.

Christine: Kate opening up about how concerned she is that they are from two different worlds. We've waited five seasons for them to share their feelings so I love it every time they actually TALK to one another and forgo all of the subtext.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Who started the fight, Jim or Martha?

Carla: If I learned anything from the episode it is that this is a question with no winning answer. So, I'll abstain!

Jim: Marth. Her distaste of baseball came through pretty quickly.

Jennifer: In the end I would say neither actually started the fight as no one went in there begging for one. It was more just one really bad comment and response after another until the whole dinner went south.

Jenn: Okay, even though Jim cast the first stone in the fight with the comment about Martha's cooking, I blame Castle because he is the one that even brought up his mother's cooking to begin with in the first place. Granted, a fight could have happened later in the dinner, but I guess we'll never know because of the pop fly that Castle hit out there.

Christine: She basically called him boring and he called her flighty. There's blame on both sides but I did love the way they came together at the end. Worrying over their kids connects their worlds.

Most surprising moment? Leo is the killer or the Sister schooling Esposito?

Carla: Leo being the killer. Who would have thought that actor would play two roles both on ABC (the other being on Scandal) within weeks where he was the bad guy pretending to be the victim. Typecast?

Jim: Knew the Sister was going to school Espy after he bragged about combat being worse. Leo being the hitman totally shocked me. Well played Leo.

Jennifer: Leo is the killer, hands down. In the end Esposito was a little too sure of himself, it came as no surprise he would learn his lesson fast.

Jenn: Most surprising moment was that no one realized that even though a cell phone is locked you can still dial an emergency number!  But I guess if they would have realized that then Leo aka "The Killer" could have gotten away. I was a little surprised about Leo, but I think Castle was more surprised than I was with that discovery.

Christine: Yes, Jenn! I kept thinking about the 911 thing too. Wouldn't a cop know that?  But Leo being the killer was something I didn't see coming. That said, Esposito and Ryan interviewing the Sister was hysterical.

Are Rick and Kate too different to last?

Carla: Nope. They are perfect for each other. Being different isn't a problem. If James Carville and Mary Matalin can make it work, then Rick and Kate's (seems weird to use their first names) won't be something that stands in their way. They may have issues, but it won't be because of their different backgrounds.

Jim: Not at all... they have differences sure, but they want the same things where it's really important.

Jennifer: They may be different, but that is what makes them great, where ones abilities ends the other makes up the difference. To borrow from Castle, they are yin and yang, perfect harmony, perfect balance.

Jenn: No, the fact that they do in a lot of ways come from two different worlds is what is going to keep them together for the long haul. She will continue to keep him grounded in the real world and he will continue to encourage her to have fun and take a chance on something once and awhile. Honestly these two have been through so much over the years that I really don't believe there is anything that could keep them apart.

Christine: Looks like it's unanimous. They might make one another crazy from time to time but these two were made for one another. They are obviously happiest and at their best when they are together.

This episode had some great lines. What was your favorite?

Carla: Castle: Dude, where's your car? That was a funny line and the event set the debacle into motion.

Jim: Rick's reply to Kate about being different: So what if we don't make sense on paper, we don't live our lives on paper.

Jennifer: Ryan's Not that I would ever doubt a nun.

Jenn: I'm torn with this one, but I'd have to say Castle with Dude, where's your car? First, I was having flashbacks to terrible movies, but then I was thinking, "Haha, Rick just called Kate dude."  I give this line credit because just like "Call Me Maybe" I can't get it out of my head. Martha calling Gates out was a close second.

Christine: Ryan's Catholic school is like combat. If you haven't been there, then you don't know. Esposito and Ryan were at their best. I love our boys.

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Ryan: Catholic school is like combat. If you haven't been there, then you don't know.
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