Elementary Round Table: "Lesser Evils"

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Simply put, Elementary aired one of its best episodes last Thursday.

What was cause for such celebration? In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Carissa Pavlica and Kate Brooks are joined by joined by Amanda from Grizzlybomb.com and Brian from Geek Magazine as they break down "Lesser Evils." What did you think of the installment?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Carissa: When Sherlock told Watson how much he enjoyed his insight into her career. I like when he acknowledges her and gets his head out of his own arse.

Kate: I really loved the scene when Carrie came into the apartment, my initial thought was "the girl died" but instead we got to see that Watson was indeed right then the line, "you were always a good friend Joan but you were a better doctor" and has harsh as that comment is I felt like it plays as a catalyst to Watson moving on from her past.

Brian: My favorite part was when Carrie dropped the bomb on Watson with: "She'll be fine Joan - I'm operating on her, not you."  Wow, that was harsh, get some drama up in here! Watson...you murderer.

Amanda: I loved all the exchanges between Carrie and Watson. It was nice to see Watson in a professional setting outside of her companion job. Like the others, when Carrie put Watson in her place, it was a nice dynamic to watch.

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How do you feel about Watson now that we've learned more about her past?
Carissa: It kind of makes me sad that she's lost her self confidence. Working with Sherlock should help that as she helps him solve cases she wouldn't otherwise have access to, and maybe she'll find a new calling.

Kate: From the get go I've loved Lucy Lui as Watson and the fact it's a woman portraying the character; I love it even more. Now that we are getting to the point where Sherlock/Watson are going to get in the groove of being partners; it makes me love Joan even more. That last scene where she deleted all of her pictures gives me hope that we will start getting a more confident and stern side to her.

Brian: I feel about the same as I did before. I guess I always assumed that she recused herself rather than being banned from medicine. This was the first episode that she felt like an actual asset though, and not just cause the medical stuff - but because she asserted herself more.

Amanda: I've always liked Watson and I really enjoy how she's become more comfortable pushing back against Sherlock. My hope is they don't make her the one note "troubled past" kind of character but we'll see.

Do you feel the cases each week are to easy for the audience to figure out?
Carissa: They're a little easy, yes. I guess the hope is that the bits Holmes puts together are what more than enough to keep the audience happy. Considering it's on CBS, I'd say they're probably right. 

Kate: Yes and no. It depends if you're looking for it. I enjoy the cases and I enjoy the dialogue too much to try to figure it out on my own. My favorite part is the pay off when Sherlock gets to explain how he knew so I don't want to ruin it by attempting to figure it out on my own.

Brian: Yes I do. And while I've tried the last several weeks to avoid drawing comparisons to the BBC version, this is where Elementary falls the shortest - there isn't much mystery.  And while I praised them last week for casting Craig Bierko and NOT making him the killer, this week when we saw David Costabile (Breaking Bad, Damages) there was little doubt in mind he'd be behind the killings.

Amanda: Brian nailed it on the head - the thing with Sherlock Holmes is he is a great detective. The mysteries/problems of Elementary would not even pique Sherlock Holmes' interest in the least bit. The writers really need to up their game on this front.

Did Watson do the right thing by sneaking the addition of the test onto the girl's chart?
Carissa: Absolutely. I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I had let a girl die, and Watson couldn't either. It was a risk, but a calculated one.

Kate: Yes in the terms of saving someones life and being the hero. What if she was wrong? Then she'd look like an ass. It was a bold step for Watson and her character, I liked it.

Brian: Well, obviously she was right in doing it cause she saved a girls life, but there was at risk if she'd been wrong that just looking like an ass - tests like that aren't cheap, and she likely cost someone a lot of money. It worked out cause she was right, but there is a reason they don't always run all the tests they can.

Amanda: Ends justify the means and all that. If I were Carrie, though? I'd probably be peeved. Relieved but still have those "who the hell do you think you are?" feelings.

Do you believe the phrase "it's better to be luck than good?"
Carissa: I don't recall the phrase, but it's never better to rely on luck than your brains. EVER.

Kate: I think Holmes had it spot on when he said, "idiots rely on luck."

Brian: I believe that by being good at something you can create your own luck, but it never hurts to have a little help.

Amanda: I am quite possibly one of the world's unluckiest people so I really am not a fan of that phrase. At the same time, being that unlucky person, I've seen "better lucky than good" turn out for so many people while I sit under my upside down horseshoe wondering how on earth that turns out.

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Joan: You said the attendant was a friend of yours?
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Idiots rely on luck.