Greg Germann Lands Key Recurring Role on NCIS

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Viewers will soon learn more about the NCIS top brass in the form of Jerome Craig, the deputy director who serves under Vance. Playing the potentially recurring role will be veteran actor Greg Germann.

He will make his first appearance on TV's top-rated drama in January.

NCIS executive producer and show-runner Gary Glasberg says, “The NCIS Deputy Director [carries] a lot of weight on his shoulders. [Germann] is really going to bring the character of Jerome Craig to life.”

"I’ve been a big fan of Greg’s going back to Ally McBeal and Sweet Justice, and think he’s a gifted actor with incredible timing and a wonderful sense of humor."

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It must really suck to be in charge of a show in this day and age, between one group of fan base that is closed minded and does not want the show to change at all and only want what they want. Then there the fans who ask for something new and say how the show is the same thing every week. Everyone say Hollywood has run out of idea but I think the real issue is we the people are so dam selfish that no matter what Hollywood they lose.


I love this show, with the best thing being the interactions within the team. Let's not get too many others in there that takes away from the team's actions on air. Their main focus are the crimes...not just the office dialog. Tony and Ziva? Maybe?


I think he will fit in nicely he is a great actor and I loved him in Ally McBeal such a good show he will make a good addition to the ncis family


See that how it was in the early day of NCIS.


Could be, Michael...I sure hope so, although I hadn't heard that about the Ziva/Vance thing. I love Kort's character (although it's really a love/hate thing). I'll sure give the new guy a's just that Vance doesn't get much screen time as it is, so I'm surprised they'd need another admin. guy to throw into the mix.


@boonies I am thinking he will be back this year since the season finale is going to be able Ziva and Vance I also think that why they are birnging in Greg because I believe he will have tie to the finale.


I seems like it's getting kinda crowded around the ole bullpen. He may be a great character and I'll reserve judgement, but I'd really like to see more of the other recurring characters like Fornell and Borin. In fact, I'd REALLY like them to bring back good old Trent Kort in some fashion. I loved his bad guy/good guy vibe. One eye or not, I'm sure he's he's still up to his eyeball in intrigue!


I hope Greg can smile and a has personality. I never felt that way about Vance and hope they write him out soon. I don't see any dynamics between Gibbs and Vance.


Janet, in the 'real' world, Gibbs would likely be promoted to Asst Director, at least, but I would not be watching NCIS if Gibbs was not the team leader of the best team ever assembled in ANY series. Their interactions with each other and with others is what makes this series work for 10 years and I would be happy if it lasted another 5 years or so. Also, in the 'real' world, team members would not be working together for 10 years without one of them, at least, wanting to be promoted out of the team, or heading up his own site, as in Rota, Spain.


It is always nice to have new blood injected into the story line. Greg Germann is a good actor and is very easy on the eyes... well done NCIS.

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