Nikita Exclusive: Melinda Clarke on Amanda's Plan to Torture Nikita

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On tonight's "Consequences," two fan favorites will return to Nikita: Amanda and Owen. The former has a plan and the first step is to break Owen out of a Russian prison.

I spoke with Melinda Clarke yesterday to get the scoop on Amanda's return. She's set on a path that revolves around Nikita and torturing her however possible. It's a dangerous game she organizes, but Amanda is so deliciously evil that it's a delight to watch her plans play out!


Are you excited about the changes on Nikita this season?
Oh, absolutely. I'm extremely excited. In Season 3, we've obviously seen a completely different change from the past few seasons, the normal progression of Nikita taking over Division. I always assumed that would happen and it's the correct storyline for the show.

The only thing that I'm concerned about and it's already happened is that I was in Division for two years straight in high heels and cocktail dresses and now I'm out in the cold Toronto winter. I had my first all-nighter in an alleyway. And, we were kinda giggling about that because I think every other actor has been outside at night in an alleyway on Nikita except for me. And, I finally did one of those nights. And, it was fine.

Owen vs. Amanda

In the second episode we find out that Amanda piggybacked on Division's recall message to their agents. How successful was she at recruiting this rogue agents?
You'll find out in [tonight's] episode that she definitely has all kinds of access and expertise ... but not all of them have come in. I don't know that she has that many of them under her control, because a lot of these rogue agents are working for themselves once they knew that Percy went down. I've only done three episodes so far, so in the future she may have a lot more of these rogue agents come under her control. ... I don't know exactly what we will see as far as that goes, but she does have influence over quite a few people.

In tonight's episode, Amanda helps break Owen out of Russian prison. Does she target Owen specifically? Or, is she just looking for more team members?
I will say absolutely that she wants Owen specifically. Whether or not that plans works out in the episode, it definitely sets quite a few things in motion for the rest of the season. Not necessarily with Owen, but for Amanda's master plan. 

This season, I believe Amanda is playing the ultimate chess game. Nikita itself has always been a chess game. ... There's all kind of things that the audience isn't quite privy to that are happening constantly. It's very complicated and complex. This year is the ultimate for Amanda and Nikita. Owen is one of the first moves of the chess game. Let's put it that way. 

At San Diego Comic-Con, you mentioned that Amanda wants to bring down Nikita. Now, that you've filmed a few episodes, is that still her goal?
That's her singular goal the entire season. It's not as simple as I'm going to kill her. In fact, she doesn't want to kill Nikita. This season Amanda is rogue, much like Nikita was the first season. And, ... her plan is to make Nikita suffer and she does it in the worst way possible by ... targeting Nikita's loved ones and the people around her. 

Amanda is ultimately fueled by the betrayal that she feels by Nikita leaving and moving on. Amanda's point of view is that not only was I not done with you, I'm not done teaching you. Of course, Amanda is very much into torture as we've seen and that theme will continue. Whether it's emotional torture, physical torture, Amanda does it all and it's a constant manipulation and torture that Nikita has to receive from Amanda even if they never even see each other. It will be felt.

Is Amanda on her own? Or, is she with Ari? Or, does she have other co-conspirators?
You will be introduced to a new character. Amanda has her own Roan this year. She has her own cleaner in a female form. And, Ari is still in the picture. Last year, it really felt like a real relationship between Ari and Amanda, but I don't know if Amanda is really that genuine when it comes to their love affair.

Anything else you want to mention about this season?
It's going to be exciting. I think the audience will be pleasantly surprised. At some point, there will be a storyline about Amanda's past and we'll see  where she comes from and why she operates the way she does with her  well-possessing psychotic ego.

Catch the return of Amanda and Owen on Nikita tonight at 9 pm ET on The CW.

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