Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Into the Deep"

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Once Upon a Time viewers watched as the sleeping curse claimed one more victim on "Into the Deep," as Charming faced the fires of the Netherworld to protect his grandson.

Below, our Round Table team of TV Fanatic staffers Jim Garner, Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Once Upon a Time fan Denise. Gather around now and jump in to their debate over who can be trusted and whether or not Snow and Charming still have what it takes after such a long time apart...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Jim: I really liked the touching moment of Rumple and Belle having burgers, along with with Henry and Regina talking about her only using magic to help others. This showed that these two villains are not all bad.

Nick: The small reunion between Snow and Charming; and watching Emma and Snow begin to grow closer in a mothe/daughter way.

Denise: When Snow and Charming met in the Netherworld.  I was as disappointed as they were when they found out they couldn’t touch/kiss each other there.

Christine: So many good scenes in these episode. Rumple and Belle, Regina and Henry... but my favorite was definitely Snow and Charming. They've been apart for far too long.

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Does Aurora have any idea she's being used as Hook and Cora's pawn?
Jim: I was expecting her to look down at her chest for the mark of a missing heart. It seems to me you might notice such a thing. I do have to ask, can everyone take hearts these days?

Nick: No.

Denise: No, I don’t think Aurora has any idea of what’s going on. I was surprised when I figured out what had happened and that Cora was talking through Aurora. Hopefully, one of the other three will figure it out quickly.

Christine: No, I think she's an innocent in all of this, but I'm with Jim. Can anyone just rip someone's heart out? Since when does Hook have access to that type of magic? It was an odd twist that threw me.

Whose side is Hook on?
Jim: His own. He's always been on his own, playing Cora and Snow against each other to meet his needs.

Nick: Whichever sides brings him to Storybrooke.

Denise: His own! I don’t think Hook has any loyalty to anyone except himself. He’s going to align himself with whoever he thinks will help him get what he wants.

Christine: It's unanimous. Hook is out to help Hook but he does have the hots for Emma and that's something she can work to her advantage.

With Charming under the sleeping curse, can Regina be trusted with Henry?
Jim: She cares very much for Henry, I don't think he's in any danger. The rest of the town, that's a different story. lets hope Deputy Ruby steps up her game.

Nick: Yes.

Denise: I do think Regina can be trusted with Henry  In spite of everything she’s done, she does love the kid and will look out for him.

Christine: I don't think she'd hurt Henry, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't do something to make sure Charming and the others don't make it back so she can keep Henry for herself. 

What was your favorite Once Upon a Time quote?
Jim: Mr. Gold's "You should try it with ketchup. Condiments are this world's most powerful magic.

Nick: I'm always a sucker for Snow's "You found me" to Charming.

Denise: I also liked Gold’s line about “condiments are this world’s most powerful magic.” 

Christine: Regina acknowledging Snow and Charming's love as she said, "If there's one thing I know about your grandparents, they always find each other."

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