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-Henry and Aurora meet up in the netherworld but Aurora is pulled out before Henry can get a message across.

-Cora finds Hook and ditches him to go after Emma and the compass. But her minions grab Aurora instead. With Aurora missing Snow uses a sleeping potion to send herself to meet Henry.

-When Henry awakens with burns, Charming takes the sleeping curse to be sent to the netherworld believing that Snow will meet him there and break the curse with true love's kiss.

-Unfortunately, even though they can see one another, Charming and Snow can't kiss because they are in different realms leaving Charming stuck in the netherworld.

-Hook releases Aurora but not before stealing her heart to give to Cora. Now Aurora is back with Mulan, Snow, and Emma but is under Cora's control.

-Snow and Emma head to Rumplestiltskin's old jail cell where's he's hidden magical ink that can help stop Cora.

Once Upon a Time
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