Up All Night Review: Cabin in the Woods

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The sun'll come out tomorrow, but this evening belonged to the stars of Up all Night as they took to the woods for the "Funlympics."

"The Game of Life," like its namesake, was full of family fun with a healthy dose of laughs.

The opening scene featured Terry and Gene's son belting out the soundtrack to Annie and closed with a mother and son cover of "Summer Nights" from Grease. Chris and Reagan agreed the latter was wildly inappropriate. I would also add that the old saying - children are to be seen and not heard - should include any form of performance including ventriloquism, the recorder or interpretive dance.

A Trip With the Neighbors

Reagan bailed on Chris, but he did just fine on his own even after Scott checked out on the opiate express. Chris relaying Scott's status to Reagan produced the biggest laugh I have let out this season and was by far my favorite of this week's best Up all Night quotes. Something about picturing Scott trying to order a pizza with Gene's sleep apnea machine just busted me up inside. 

"GNT" were amazing as well, as I have loved their increased roles this season. I had thought Terry's secret party mix ingredient was going to be some weed, but it was Gene who shocked us when he mentioned how his clients included "Mr. Grohl's band," among others. 

Reagan was a riot in Palm Springs. What an amazing Three's Company reference she had when, dressed in her gift shop outfit, she said she looked like Mrs. Roper. Her comments earlier about the "feet up by the pool" picture on Instagram were also spot on and hilarious. 

Ava also spoke the truth when she praised the magic that lives in yoga pants. It was also nice to see her help Reagan out for a change, whether it was cutting her off the energy drinks or demanding she lose the visor. 

Scott continues to be a great addition to the cast, making the utmost of his scenes and delivering some great lines. 

I am fresh out of Red Bull, so while I will not be up all night myself, I look forward to hearing what you thought. 

The Game of Life Review

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Up All Night Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Reagan: How was yoga?
Ava: Yoga, has opened my eyes to the world, to myself, to yoga pants.

The feet up by the pool pic is like the loneliest pic in the world.