Jim O'Heir Previews Parks and Recreation, What Makes Jerry So Happy

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He might be the happiest, most relaxed character on all of television - and on tonight's Parks and Recreation episode, we'll find out why.

Yes, TV Fanatics, we're about to meet Gail Gergich. And, oh yes, she's played by Christine Brinkley.

"We got the dream guest star to do it," Jim O'Heir told me over the phone, clearly excited over who would be portraying his fictional wife. "We got the prototype."

O'Heir said producers were going back and forth on the casting: do they give Jerry a "skinny, scrawny" chain-smoking wife? Someone to whom he's actually a tyrant at home?

Or do they go in the other direction, a "Christine Brinkley-type" that explains why Jerry handles all the office abuse with a smile on his face? They chose wisely, O'Heir says.

Jim O'Heir as Jerry
Christie Brinkley on Parks and Recreation

"If you're gonna have the office punching bag, it's just too sad if this is his life," the actor said, referring to the abuse Jerry takes within the Parks Department. "But it turns out he has this really awesome life at home. He has a family who he adores, and they adore him. It makes it palatable to watch what he deals with at work."

And they all look like an iconic super model!

"We meet all three of Jerry's daughters [tonight]. And all of them are gorgeous. Gail's side of the Gergich family has strong genes."

The installment will feature Donna, Tom and others driving by Jerry's house and seeing an amazing party going on. So they drop by - and Ben simply cannot comprehend how Jerry landed such a beauty.

"Brinkley really brought it," O'Heir says. "Gail loves Jerry with all of her heart. He does Jerry-like things around her and she couldn't be happier. That's her man."

As for the show's other big relationship? Will Parks and Recreation Season 5 feature a Ben and Leslie wedding?

"We're definitely headed there, but there are some hurdles that have to be overcome," O'Heir teases.

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