Private Practice Round Table: "Georga On My Mind"

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Private Practice took fans inside the romantic world of Charlotte and Cooper last Tuesday, as "George On My Mind" closed out 2012.

Where does our Round Table panel stand on the episode? Gather around now with staffers Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica as they are joined below by TV Fanatic readers Jarrod and Caitlyn to discuss the latest visit to Seaside Wellness...


What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?
Caitlyn: It's so hard to pick since I loved almost everything in this episode! But I guess I'd have to say the one that made me smile the most took place in the final few minutes. From Mason putting the star up on their Christmas tree to Charlotte naming the first baby Georgia, it was a great testament to them as a family and it was just SO Charlotte.

Jarrod: Definitely when Charlotte threatened HR, who wanted to "lower her duties." Really? That's what they were thinking of when they sent a mid-level human resources manager to relieve me of my duties? You wanna know what the scariest thing is to a HR department? A pregnant woman. Juries LOVE pregnant women. They especially love it when we have twins and oh MY do they adore triplets! You know, right now, it seems to me like my employers are trying to fire a pregnant woman. And if that's the case, I will sue you, and them, and the WHOLE hospital and the ONLY one who will still be here in the foreseeable future is a VERY RICH ME!

Carissa: When Charlotte was blaming herself for the problems because she called the babies ticks and tapeworms. I'd imagine every mother with a high risk pregnancy must feel something similar at some point and it must make them feel horrible.

Christina: See above. My co-round tablers have covered it all. Charlotte was hilariously amazing!

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How did Charlotte's story compare to other character-centric installments we've seen on Private Practice Season 6?
Caitlyn: I liked this one the most. It was really Charlotte-centric, while still including the other characters in reasonable and understandable ways. Not just putting them in there for the sake of seeing them. I also thought that the creativity was good in comparison to the others. The dance sequences were a lot of fun to watch without taking too much away from the episode and I thought the voiceovers were the best way to go with us getting to know Charlotte more.

Jarrod: Though I loved it and we saw a heap of Charlotte and whole range of Charlotte emotions, I feel as though the "breaking barriers" hasn't really struck cords with me this episode, let alone this season. Don't get me wrong, Season 6 is great, but I feel as though the writers have gotten sloppy with some of the episodes even though they've had the chance to do much better. And yes, this opinion is purely based on the season as a whole and not just Charlotte's episode.

Carissa: They've all been very good, as I expected.

Christina: It was my favorite. I laughed, cried and realized how much I was going to miss Charlotte. Addie’s comes in very close to second place in my book.

What was your favorite CharCoop dance sequence?
Caitlyn: The hip hop was hilarious!!

Jarrod: I'm with Caitlyn on this one; the hip-hop dance between them was the best. Cooper just tossing the money over Charlotte and them both popping gum was just so hilariously ghetto.

Carissa: The waltz. It's just beautiful and they looked lovely doing it.

Christina: I laughed so much during the hip hop one. Is there anything CharCoop can’t do?! Like I said in my review, these two should consider appearing Dancing with the Stars.

Which character-centric episode has been your favorite so far?
Caitlyn: This one, for sure. I've been waiting a long time for it and it didn't disappoint!

Jarrod: I don't think I've had one. If you refer back to my answer for the second question, you'd understand why. However, I guess you could say the Addison and Jake episodes work great as a two-parter. Hopefully, the Amelia episode coming next month has a lot more to offer seeing as she's taken a backseat entirely this season.

Carissa: Sheldon's. Since we knew so little about him it was the most informative to me.

Christina: See my response for the second question. Gotta go with "Apron Strings."

What are your hopes for Private Practice in 2013?
Caitlyn: We're getting closer and closer to the end and I'm still in some denial. It's hard to let this show go so I hope that by the end of it, it'll be easy to do just that. I'm really hoping that the 2013 episodes give us a great goodbye and all the closure that we'll need as fans to know that our characters are happy and settled. I'm also hoping that there will be a flash forward scene in the series finale just so we see a bit of their future.

Jarrod: With only three episodes to go, I'm hoping for an overall ending conclusion for every character to just be happy. They've all had a tough five and a half years and need to end with smiles on their faces. If I even see a tear that isn't in any way, shape or form of joy in the finale, Shonda Rhimes will be getting one hectic stern letter from me!

Carissa: That it has a spectacular series finale; maybe not happy endings for all, but satisfying.

Christina: I’m with Carissa on this one. I’d be content with the Seaside Wellness doctors ending up content with their lives. I, too, am a huge fan of flash forwards and wouldn’t mind seeing where and how our favorite doctors end up.

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