Private Practice Round Table: "Life Support"

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Private Practice aired a Cooper-centric episode last week in "Life Support."

The unorthodox hour has given our TV Fanatic Round Table - comprised of staff members Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica, along with readers Caitlyn, Beina and Jarrod - plenty to analyze, breakdown and debate.

Won't you pull up a virtual chair and join them? Let's do it!


What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Christina: Cooper stole the show with so many amazing quotes. Here was my favorite by the newest dad: "You're not even a day old and you have me wrapped around your finger, and I love you."

Carissa: Mason telling his little sis happy birthday. He's been through so much but at that moment he was just very strong. It was a very sweet moment.

Jarrod: I agree with Christina on this one. The loving words from Cooper to his new daughter were just really touching. It just really sucks that a beautiful scene like this has come with so many repercussions for Cooper, Charlotte and Mason.

Caitlyn: I loved most of the episode but two scenes really struck me. One was when Cooper made Charlotte promise she won't die before he left to be with their daughter and the other was when he told her their daughter was alive.

Beina: Every single moment of Cooper was fantastic; it's hard to pick one. I really enjoyed seeing Charlotte and Cooper at the pre-birth course!

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Cooper as Zach Morris: loved it or hated it?

Christina: Loved it! Overall, I really enjoyed Cooper's monologues. Sure, they were a bit distracting at times, but the episode felt so raw and different in such a good way.

Carissa: I feel stupid, but I guess I missed the meaning of that. I have no idea what Cooper as Zach Morris means. Since you mentioned his speaking to the camera, my supposition is that has something to do with it? I'm not fond of those types of episodes, but it worked well in this case.

Jarrod: I'm 50/50. Though I love Cooper and his hilarious moments to the camera, I was really bummed at the fact that when I wanted to hear a conversation that all I could hear was Cooper talking over it. Nevertheless, still a great (and sad) episode!

Caitlyn: I actually enjoyed most of it! Some felt unnecessary but there were really beautiful moments when we just got to hear what Cooper was thinking and feeling and I thought those were great.

Beina: At first I thought that it might be a bit strange, but Paul did a good job. It was fun to hear Cooper's comments and thoughts! I can't wait to see the bloopers of this episode.

What have you liked most about the Cooplets storyline?

Christina: Charlotte! She's absolutely hilarious and every word out of her mouth made me laugh out loud.

Carissa: That Charlotte hasn't lost her sense of herself. She still struggles with being strong and mushy all in one big Charlotte capsule.

Jarrod: Charlotte all the way! She's been so funny over the years, so being pregnant (with triplets no less) with all those hormones has just made her gone all kinds of crazy funny. I especially enjoyed this week’s episode with Charlotte and Cooper in that Lamaze class. Like Christina said in her review, it was just so like them.

Caitlyn: Definitely Charlotte! I agree that throughout this whole thing, she's still managed to be the same Charlotte that we have learned to love. Everything we've seen from her feels right to the character.

Beina: Every bitter moment of Charlotte, but also her happiness when Cooper tells her that their daughter is alive!

CharCoop are under a lot of stress. Help them out and give them some options for baby names.

Christina: Charlie (short for Charlotte), Marjorie (after Charlotte's horse because she already once chose this as a possible baby name), and Faith (because you've got to have it) for the little one who's already arrived.

Carissa: Erica, after Mason's mom, which also means brave ruler. Then, I'm thinking names for strength - Audrey, noble strength and Milicent, brave strength.

Jarrod: I can see Charlotte also choosing Majorie, while also going with Faith or Hope for their premature baby. For some reason, I choose to believe that Addison got the ultrasound wrong and they'll also get one boy who they'll probably name Pete. If not, then the third girl will probably be named Erica.

Caitlyn: I've never really been a fan of the name, but Charlotte's always wanted it so one should be named Marjorie. I think Harper also wouldn't be a bad choice; it's southern and after the author of her favorite book. And maybe Erica or a virtue name like Faith or Grace.

What did you think of Violet's subplot?

Christina: Like I mentioned in my review, I struggled with having any interest whatsoever in Violet’s storyline in the midst of the CharCoop focus.

Carissa: Pointless. It wasn't even an original story, so I'm not sure why they felt it went well with the main story being told during the episode. There were many other interesting things they could have explored in context.

Jarrod: Though there are a small minority who actually like Violet (me included), I am enjoying her newfound life as a widow and single mom. It may sound morbid, but this is an interesting storyline for Violet to face and I'm glad the writers are going there finally, because I'm not happy that the writers aren't giving her the screen time for it. Even though CharCoop have been a fan favorite for years, Amy Brenneman has got the acting chops and I feel like her storyline has been phased out and needs attention before season’s end.

Caitlyn: I know I've been saying that the downfall of these character-centric episodes are that we never get to see what's going on with everyone else, but I just wanted a full uninterrupted episode for CharCoop. Considering the others had that, it annoyed me that a subplot of Violet which didn't have much connection to the CharCoop's was added. I paid no attention to it really.

Beina: I think Violet's subplot wasn't out of place. She's the best friend of Cooper, so I expected her participation in some way.

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