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"A Goon's Deed in a Weary World" would have made for a perfectly satisfying series finale of 30 Rock. It gave most of our favorite characters happy endings and made us laugh along the way. Things seemed to wrap up quite nicely.

However, there is still one more hour to go, airing next week. With TGS cancelled, everyone quitting The Man Cave, Kenneth running NBC and Liz finally getting her kids, what's left to send our way?

Saving TGS

30 Rock not only tied things up in a nice little bow in its penultimate episode, it also filled it with fun and comedic moments. My favorite of which was everything that had to do with Jack giving away his old job in a Wonkian style.

Even though he mentioned the idea moments earlier, when you first see the five prospects dressed like Charlie, Veruca, Mike, Augustus and Violet it had to have taken you by surprise. I, for one, fell out of my chair.

Between Charlie sneaking away from the group, Kenneth trying to lure him to cheat as C.B. Essington and Jack eventually giving the job to Kenneth because of his "Goon's Deed," every moment that paralleled Wonka was good for a chuckle.

When Jack told Kenneth the Page that he was giving it to him, "the whole thing," and exclaimed "you're the next president of the National Broadcasting Company," it made the whole Wonka deal seem all that much more ridiculous. Jack was really handing the company over to this guy?!?! And Wonka was really giving his entire company to a kid?!?! Pretty hilarious.

While I could have taken or left the Bro Body Douche guy, Liz's story as 30 Rock wound down was plenty of fun. Tracy and Jenna trying to line up their next project was great, Criss at the trampoline store was quite funny and everyone quitting so that Liz could meet her new kids at the airport was plenty heart-warming.

The best of it all, though, had to be when the twins showed up and were two different races...just like Tracy and Jenna, who said it was possible so that their Siamese twin movie with one as President and the other as Santa Claus would be plausible.

Little Janet saying "cam-a-ra" and needing to get her good side, as well as little Terry having a bogus excuse for why he's not going to school the next day put a smile on Liz's face and everyone who was watching 30 Rock.

While we wonder what could be in store for next week's finale, check out some of favorite quotes from "A Goon's Deed in a Weary World" below, hit up our 30 Rock quotes page, and then leave your thoughts on the episode in the comments.

Jack: Women who try to do things sure get killed a lot. | permalink
Liz: You two are doing press all day.
Tracy: I'm glad the band U2 is doing press all day. Jenna quick, run before Liz Lemon realizes what I did. | permalink
Tracy: We just need to have our next great roles line up, like how after E.R. Clooney had Dumb, Gay Batman. | permalink
Criss: Did you know that every year more people die from disease and accidents combined than from just trampoline accidents? | permalink
Tracy: You should be at the airport right now picking up your chili.
Jenna: Children, Tracy.
Tracy: Children? Why the hell are you still here?!?! | permalink

A Goon's Deed in a Weary World Review

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