Bates Motel Posters: New! Creepy! Cool!

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About two months prior to the premiere of Bates Motel, A&E has released a quintet of cool, creepy posters.

The series - a contemporary prequel to Psycho, which examines the relationship between Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) ) and his mother (Vera Farmiga) - will be produced by Carlton Cuse of Lost fame.

It debuts on Monday, March 18 at 10 p.m. and, as you can see by clicking on each of the following images, customers may wish to be careful upon checking in to the Bates Motel. They may never leave...

Fiery Bates Motel Poster
Creepy Bates Motel Poster
New Bates Motel Poster
A&E Poster
Bates Motel Poster

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Bates Motel Quotes

Norman: Why should I tell you where she is if you're only going to kill me anyway? Did you think about that Sheriff Lonely Heart?
Romero: Listen to me, you piece of shit. I don't know what kind of sick fuck digs his mother's body out of a grave and moves it around and I don't want to know about it or what you did to it.

Norma: I hear ya, but I can't take care of my self, I'm a mother. Now I have to go talk to my horrible brother. You know what? I have no choice because it is important to my sons.
James: Yeah? And what about your own needs?
Norma: Parents do not have needs. You ever read the book The Giving Tree? It's about this tree and this kid keeps coming and taking stuff from it his whole life until there's nothing left but a stump and then the kid sits on the stump. That's being a parent.