Californication Review: He's Back!

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Hank said, "No, no, no" to rehab this week on Californication. That was until he got to know Faith, played by this season's brightest guest star to date, Maggie Grace.  

After a disappointing premiere left me worrying about the rest of Californication Season 6, "Quitters"made a me a believer once again. 

Charlie was right. The surly, mean-spirited bastard we all know and love, was back. Charlie's description of Hank was as accurate an account as I have heard and lead off an episode full of memorable Californication quotes

Maggie Grace as Faith

Hank took us down a colorful path as he described how he was feeling in rehab, didn't he? No one should ever be made to feel like the good lord showed them the dark side of the force. Despite Hank's hilarious deflection, I still was left struggling with whether he is an alcoholic or just a "drug and alcohol enthusiast."

Hank isn't a compulsive drinker, he isn't physically dependent on alcohol. Yet still, he does tend to loose control and repeatedly prove a detriment to his health, personal relationships and social standing. Like Gabriel (Patrick Fischler), I don't think we should pass judgement on those who pass judgement. I didn't tune in to diagnose, I tuned in to laugh - and laugh I did. 

Just when I thought Charlie couldn't sink any lower in his professional career, he went and proved me wrong. His decision to come out of a closet he was never in looks like it will open some doors for him, thanks to the apparent existence of a gay mafia in Hollywood. This ruse will only end poorly for Runkle, but man it is going to be funny to watch unfold. 

Marcy will surely enjoy torturing him when she hears the news, but this week she didn't want anything to do with men. Lucky for us because it set the stage for her and Karen getting high together where we were treated to some vintage Marcy moments. The best of which only occurred after she let Stu back into the house. A decision that had her screaming "worst mother ever!" 

I still love you, Marcy, and thank you for smoking out Karen so she could deliver one of her funniest scenes in recent memory as she fielded the phone call about a new job. Karen isn't a "husband fu-ker," but she does have a weakness for rock stars. Working for Atticus Fetch and his wife should prove interesting and will be downright madness. 

I liked Becca's visit and her conversation with Hank in which she was caught not knowing the name of her one night stand. Not only did spending time with his daughter give Hank the chance to make a nice Saturday Night Live reference, but seeing him do so apparently endeared him to Faith. I'm looking forward to seeing how things are between them after they share some weed rolled in blasphemy. 

This episode had everything I love about Californication and am excited about the story lines it set up. What did you think?  

Quitters Review

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I feel like the good lord himself picked me up with his bare hands, laid me down on a bed of rusty nails, pinned my ankles behind my ears and just stuck it in. No Vaseline no lube no nothin. Not even a little spittle. That mother fu-ker just took his Darth Vader helmet, that big Darth Vader helmet and just rammed it home. He wrecked my pretty little virgin a--hole, my sweet little brown bud. Pulled out, came on my t-ts, wiped his di-k on the curtains and left me for dead. That's just me. How bout you guys?


I know I'm a big fan of the bye bye pain juice, but I don't think I'm an alcoholic do you?