Private Practice Round Table: "Full Release"

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One episode. That's all that remains in the life of Private Practice.

But before we break out the Kleenex for Tuesday's series finale, let's go back and relive "Full Release," a communal installment that brought the focus back to Seaside Wellness as a whole and introduced two new, very young characters to the series: Charlotte and Cooper's twins!

In this edition of the Private Practice Round Table, staffers Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica are joined by TV Fanatics Caitlyn, Jarrod and Beina to break it all down...


What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?
Christina: Charlotte' "They are unbelievable... treating my uterus like some kind of VIP lounge." Gosh, I am going to miss her so much

Carissa: Watching Sheldon and Miranda watch the sunset as she told him he had to let his friends in before she died. I can't imagine him getting so close to her knowing she's going to die. He has such a strong heart.

Caitlyn: I loved the scenes right after the two triplets were born. Not only were they great for Charlotte and Cooper, but I think they were huge for Addison and Amelia as well. And of course it was great to welcome two more Cooplets!

Jarrod: My favorite scene would have had to have been between Sam and Violet in the staff kitchen at the practice. Though I loved all moments from Amelia, to Charlotte and (some) back to Addison, I mostly just enjoyed how Sam told Violet to never give up and that "her book has not ended; it's still developing." It was good to see Sam giving some strong advice for a change.

Beina: I liked every confession that the characters made to Georgia. It'd be funny if we could hear what she thought like in the movie Look Who's Talking.

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Rate the penultimate episode on a scale of 1-5.
Christina: I rated this episode a 4.7 in my review. It was so well done and definitely the strongest one of this entire final season. Thank goodness, too, because the character-centric episodes were getting tiresome.

Carissa: 3. I'm not enjoying the quirky timelines. I get so confused about when we are in the story with Charlotte being pregnant all the time. I wish they hadn't tried to intermingle the timelines so much, but it was overall enjoyable.

Caitlyn: 4.9. I thought the way that every character practically got their happy ending was great. The storylines were tied together well and I really enjoyed seeing the regular format again. It was a great lead in to next week's finale. It's just lacking that 0.1 because I wish we saw a bit more of the Freedmans as a family.

Jarrod: 5 all the way! As Christina said, the character-centric episodes were getting tiresome and I really needed a cast diversity for a change. Too much of one character was really beginning to bore me and I was getting sick of the constant time jumps back and forth. I was happy with the present.

Beina: Absolutely 5! Now we can already see that every character has reached his/her stability, someone has a new love story, another a large family, a wedding. I'm ready for the grand finale.

Which storyline were you most intrigued by?
Christina: CharCoop's! I was honestly worried that something was going to go wrong for one of the Cooplets (this is Shondaland, after all). I'm accustomed to hoping for the best, but also preparing for the worst.

Carissa: Sheldon's. As I said earlier, I just can't imagine deciding to fall in love with someone you know is dying. It's so hard to wrap my head around it.

Caitlyn: Honestly, I was intrigued by Violet's the most because hers was the one that I couldn't really foresee. I knew the others would get their happy endings with their significant others, but it was very different to see Violet's story unfold.

Jarrod: It's a tossup between everyone. I was excited to see the Cooplets come, Violet have more screen time and more transition as a widow/single mom, but I'm also happy to see Sheldon in love. However, with a dying woman? A true love story gone wrong. I really hope for a happy ending for Violet and Sheldon; perhaps together in the end MUCH more time down the line? Say in a flash-forward?

Beina: Violet's. I was sorry to see her more isolated than the others. I wished to give her a speech like Sam did.

Were you concerned that Charlotte and Addison wouldn't get their happy ending?
Christina: Yes! See my response for the previous question. I figured things would work out for Addie with Henry's adoption, but was concerned for the babies.

Carissa: No. This is ShondaLand. There was no way she wouldn't let her main girls leave without a smile on their faces.

Caitlyn: Nope! I'm pretty sure Shonda Rhimes knew she had to satisfy the fans of these characters while justifying the journey that they've both been on. Among all the characters, these two really needed their happy endings.

Jarrod: I thought Addison possibly losing Henry would cause drama for one of Charlotte's babies, seeing as she was at a point where it looked like "if I can't be a mother, I'll try be damn hardest to be a doctor." I thought it would cause Charlotte to lose her baby and Addison get Henry back and feel guilty. However, one episode left? Too much of a depressing and wasted storyline. Happiness all the way in the upcoming finale!

Beina: No, if the series had continued I would have thought the worst, but now that we're at the end I don't think it'd be right to see them suffer.

How are you going to fill your Tuesday nights after Private Practice ends for good next week?
Christina: Why, with more television of course! I've already got both Pretty Little Liars and New Girl on the rotation for Tuesday nights. However, it just won't be the same without Addie and the rest of the gang. Next week should be a special two-hour series finale. How could they possibly cover everything in only one hour?!

Carissa: Every night of the week is already so full. Also ending for the season is Parenthood. Maybe it will give me time to catch up on DVR shows. Or, another show will take it's place. It's too early to tell!

Caitlyn: Well, there'll be Pretty Little Liars and I guess other shows will fill the time. But I have a feeling it'll take me a while to really move on so I'll be taking out my Private Practice DVD sets and spending some time with these great characters again.

Jarrod: With Parenthood also finishing up its current season for the year, I'm not sure what is on the horizon for me. Perhaps some Private Practice on DVD at home? After all, I have got all five seasons.

Beina: I'm going to tweet to the cast!

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