Justified Round Table: "Kin"

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FX viewers headed for the Harlan County hills last week, as Raylan and Boyd interacted for the first time this on Justified Season 4.

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Jim Garner, Dan Forcella and Carla Day break down the events on "Kin." Gather around and join in, won't you?!?


What was your favorite scene this week?
Jim: I liked Colton and Tim meeting at the bottom of the hill. Tim was very smart to put the vehicle between him and Colton when he first drove up. They seemed to relax (a little) once they realized they were both ex-military.

Dan: My favorite scene was Mike O'Malley shooting Needle Nose Ned in the head. Like I said in my review, it shouldn't have been that surprising that one Justified bad guy turned on another, but it was! I was shocked...and extremely excited.

Carla: I missed the interactions between Raylan and Boyd in the first four episodes, so I was thrilled when they were locked up together. They have the best and most unique banter on television. I hope we don't have to go that long without them running into each other again.

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Will Ellen May tell the sheriff what she knows?
Jim: Seems like a no-brainer that she would, given she now knows Boyd wants her dead, but May isn't know for making the smartest decisions.

Dan: You would think so, but on top of her poor decision making is her love for Boyd and Ava. She had the most difficult time leaving them for the church, and then leaving for Alabama, that she might be at a point that she would never give them up...even if they did try to kill her.

Carla: Maybe. Though, I don't think she's that big a threat, since her testimony wouldn't hold much weight in court. And, how much power does the Sheriff even have? The exception would be if she is aware of something that we haven't been privy, like bodies buried. Neither Ava or Boyd really hide their criminal activities.

Is Wynn Duffy backing Boyd or Johnny?
Jim: Both. He needs Boyd to find Drew, but as he pointed out once that is done, he's willing to let Johnny do the dirty work of removing him as a thorn in his side.

Dan: Yes both, but it's Johnny for the long run. He will back whoever he needs to in order to get what he wants, but Johnny is who he wants on his side long-term.

Carla: Neither. He is backing himself. He would get rid of both of them in a second if he could. I think he's playing Johnny to keep the information flowing, but he has no intention of keeping him around in the long term.

Do Raylan and Boyd really dislike each other as much as they claim?
Jim: Given how often they save each other's lives, I think there is a small amount of friendship underneath all the animosity. Though I would never say that to either one of them directly, I don't want to get shot!

Dan: Professionally, yes. They hate each other because they know they are supposed to hate each other. And for all intents and purposes, each has done his fair share of awful things to the other. But at each of their hearts, there is a tiny bit of love. When the hill people were about to murder Boyd, was it his lawman status that made Raylan stop it? I'm not sure.

Carla: I'm not sure they dislike each other as much as they act like they do. Even though one is a lawman and the other is a criminal, they are nearly twins and they trust each other more than they should given their opposing careers. It's a complicated relationship.

Is getting Theo Tonin really worth letting Arlo walk free?
Jim: I have trouble believing that the state of Kentucky would consider a complete "free pass" for someone who is convicted of killing two people and then killed another in jail. Maybe a reduced sentence. Either way, Theo Tonin must be pretty damn bad to warrant such an offer.

Dan: Yeah, I don't know how all of that works, but I think they're in the right if it gets the meanest dude of all time. Tonin's a shot caller. Arlo is not.

Carla: It's hard to believe they would let a cop killer out to get Theo Tonin. At the same time, it makes some sense. If they can bring in someone that shoots his FBI agent ally in the head without hesitation by letting out an old man who may or may kill again, it's probably a good trade-off. Plus, Arlo will probably be put on house arrest or at least a tracker.

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