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Arlo is ready to give up Drew Thompson for a deal that lets him walk.  Raylan can't let that happen so he goes out looking for Drew Thompson.  He finds the teen flasher's stepdad, who tells him Thompson is up with the hill people.


Boyd, who was also put on the case by Wynn Duffy, is held hostage by the hill people when Raylan gets there.  The two of them attempt to escape, but it isn't until Raylan uses his relations to a hill person to get them both out of there unscathed.


When Raylan returns to Josiah, he had cut his foot off so that he could remove his house arrest bracelet and get out of dodge.


Meanwhile, Colton was looking every which way for Ellen May, but she was hiding out with Shelby the entire time.  He tells her that Boyd was going to kill her, and that she now has to help him take down Boyd.

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Justified Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Barkley: I still think you're dirty.
Raylan: Kiss my ass.

Hey little one. You gotta lose the tail, and come out and read about your daddy in the paper.