NCIS Promo & Sneak Peek: Back in the Trenches

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Vance is back this week on NCIS, but not everyone knows what to make of that.

The agency shot-caller has been noticeably MIA for two episodes following the stunning death of his wife, along with Eli David. Deputy Director Craig (Greg Germann) has been at the helm in his absence.

When Vance resurfaces this week, it's likely to result in some tension with Craig, as well as Gibbs, who will no doubt question Leon's reasons - and readiness. And then there's the safe deposit box.

Check out the promo for "Hereafter" below and see what you make of it:

CBS' official synopsis reads: "On leave from NCIS while still grieving the loss of his wife and his kids’ mother, Vance discovers unexpected personal information that causes him to question everything."

What do you think it is that the director finds out? And how will he react?

Share your comments and theories below, and watch a sneak preview clip from Tuesday night's episode in which Leon returns to NCIS and signals his intentions of working with the team:

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NCIS Season 10 Episode 15 Quotes

Ziva: DiNozzo, pull it together.
Tony: Kids. This is way above my pay grade. I spent the afternoon in a child care clinic when I almost lost my life.
Ziva: Stop stop stop stop. We're doing the director a favor, okay? We just need to be here, we need to be normal. Can you just please do that for a few hours?
Tony: Sure. Fine.
Ziva: Fine.
Tony: Only because you asked nicely.

Vance: Do you have a suitcase packed, Jerome?
Craig: Always Leon. You know that.
Vance: Good. I'll be in touch.