Scandal Round Table: "Boom Goes the Dynamite"

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Well, we finally found out the truth about Captain Ballard. In "Boom Goes the Dynamite," Scandal fans witnessed Fitz take things to a new level, watched Huck's PTSD spiral out of control and discovered the truth about the mole.

Jump in on the Scandal Round Table below, as TV Fanatic staff writers Christine Orlando, Miranda Wicker, Carla Day, Jim Garner and Leigh Raines dissect these happenings and a whole lot more...


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Christine: I really enjoyed Jake's attempts to woo Olivia. He was sweet, funny, and charming. I know she's still pining for Fitz and not actually into Jake but I sure am!

Miranda: I loved the opening date/not a date scene with Jake and Olivia. He threw back at her the same kind of reasoning she throws at other people. Probably because he's got an insider's perspective on how she operates. But it was nice. He's persistent.

Carla: The Jake/Olivia date was a great because it was the first time we saw her interact with someone who wasn't intimidated by her and pushed her buttons. Though, the scene when he walked into the Oval Office and we found out he wasn't a creepy guy was my favorite, because it removed the creepiness of the date and purified it in a way. These two scenes combined worked. Though, Olivia smiling while on the phone with Jake was another fun moment.

Jim: I liked Quinn trying to comfort Huck. Harrison even pointed out that Huck and Quinn are close and I was glad it was her that confronted Huck about his PTSD and the smell. 

Leigh: I liked when Jake told Fitz that Olivia wasn't seeing anyone. He realized Fitz was bs-ing him and that it was a personal thing, not business.

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Bigger shock: That Fitz and Jake know each other well or that the CIA Director is the mole?

Christine: That Fitz hired Jake to spy on Olivia. It's creepy and weird yet it shows that he hasn't given up on them. It's as though he's both searching for proof that she's not the woman he thought she was and hoping for proof that she is.

Miranda: Definitely the Fitz and Jake reveal. When he walked in I thought their conversation was going to be about the mole and the dead girl, that somehow Jake had intel for Fitz. And then they launched into the old friend chatter and my eyes got wide. Didn't see that coming. Though I totally didn't suspect the director as the mole. He's so...old? 

Carla: Both were pretty surprising. Fitz and Jake reveal explained a lot and was a pleasant surprise. The CIA Director being the mole was a WTF moment. How could someone get to that position and then betray their country and the people that put their lives in his hands. Disappointing. Scary. Intrigued to discover his motivation.

Jim: Going with the CIA Director as the mole. Not sure what he would get out of it, so I can't wait to see how this turns out. 

Leigh: The mole definitely had to be someone from the inside and with this cast of characters I'm not surprised it was the CIA Director. Jake and Fitz totally shocked me. 

How does your opinion of both Fitz and Jake change now that we know Fitz is the reason Jake is spying on Olivia?

Christine: I haven't thought highly of Fitz in a while...if ever so although I didn't expect this from him, I'm not sure it changes my opinion. I actually like Jake more knowing that he's been doing it for an old friend and the President. At least it feels less mercenary. The fact that he feels something for Liv and lied to Fitz about his intentions actually made me like him more.

Miranda: I've never been an ardent fan of Fitz and Olivia. Sure, they have their hot moments, but more often than that, he's controlling to the point of being degrading. I don't see mutual respect in their relationship which makes me dislike it. It's unhealthy on so many levels. Now I like him even less. And after Jake turned off the TV when Olivia started to undress, I like him more.

Carla: I feel better about Jake dating Olivia now, but he is still creepy. At least he didn't watch as Olivia undressed, but the way he talked to her and lied to Fitz about Olivia dating someone was a bit off. Fitz on the other hand is losing it. I'd like to blame it on brain damage from the shooting, but it's more than that. I hope he is redeemable. He used to be honorable, but not any more.

Jim: I've been hoping Jake was a good guy. And telling the Fitz there was no guy puts me well into his camp. Fitz is become a scary control freak. He doesn't want to see Olivia, but also doesn't want her seeing anyone else.

Leigh: Well I no longer think Jake is a total creep. Fitz has been on my bad side for a few weeks now and his whole speech about Olivia being a bad person was just absurd.

What is Mellie's next move to get back in Fitz's good graces?

Christine: Oh, I don't know. Cyrus got her good. She'd managed to climb up on a pedestal only to get pushed off but given her crazy persistence and fortitude I have no doubt she'll find a way to climb back up there again.

Miranda: Well, we know sex doesn't work, so she probably won't try that. I'm sure she'll dig something up on Cyrus to use against him to weasel her way back into the Oval. 

Carla: Not sure. She's proved that she will do anything to get what she wants including a fake miscarriage, induced labor, using a tragedy to her advantage, so anything's possible.

Jim: Well... a morning visit to his shower got her back on track the first time, maybe that will work. I'm just glad she's not throwing Cyrus under the bus anymore.

Leigh: She has to find a power publicity move or someone else to stab in the back in the White House. Maybe Sally Langston?

How much would it take for you to agree to a political marriage?

Christine: Not any amount of money is worth being that miserable for a lifetime but perhaps if there were an end game. Let's say five years and then we divorce and $50 million when it's over. I might consider that.

Miranda: Christine has this figured out! I don't know if I could handle that kind of scrutiny. Oh, who am I kidding. For $100 million and a private jet ready and fueled whenever I want to take it, I'd just spend my time traveling as often as I reasonably could.

Carla: Love. If you love someone you'd do anything for them. As an arranged marriage, I'd like to think I couldn't be bought, but.... never know your price until you get the offer.

Jim: As a guy, it's not something I would expect to be faced with. That said, I would like to think I would do it for the great good like saving orphanages or puppies or something noble. In reality, probably would end up doing it for a hot car and an iPad. 

Leigh: I really don't think I could do it, nor do I think I would be an ideal candidate because it would be too easy to dig up dirt on me or twist something in the media to drag me through the mud. I'm not obedient enough, I'm not into politics, and I have a potty mouth. This girl is way more Real Housewife than Political Wife.

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Scandal Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Jake: Wow, you really suck at dating.
Olivia: I never said this was a date. You did.

Jake: It's a date.
Olivia: What?
Jake: It's a date. You said meeting. I'm not a client. I don't have a problem. I don't need fixing. I asked you out. You said yes. We dressed up. At the end of the evening if all goes well there will be kissing. This is not a meeting this is a date. And I don't want to insult you. You chose this restaurant. I'm sure the food is very good, but this is not a date restaurant. You can't have a date here. This is where dates go to die. You look extraordinary, by the way.