Switched at Birth Review: Crash and Burn

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Not a lot of good was happening on "Drive in the Knife." 

Regina, in particular, is losing her footing and the person who pretended to live in her room for a moment, Travis, is in about the same boat. Overall, it was a sobering episode, even if it ended with a drunk Regina.

While I was proud of Regina for not taking up the offer of a drink to celebrate her new job, it still concerned me that she's not admitting she's an alcoholic to Zane. That meant she was still drinking. Drinking and sleeping in her dress and waking up late for her new job. A job she was damn lucky to get considering she spent the last however many years cutting hair, regardless of her artistic background. It was horrible to see her put it in jeopardy, but she deserved to be fired.

Her boss was kind not to tell her she smelled booze on her breath.

Noah & Bay

What's even worse was that Regina lied to Daphne about lying to her, and then promised never to lie about the lying. The web was so tangled by that point she could have said just about anything and it wouldn't have mattered. It was like when I used to go to Catholic confession as a kid, failing to confess my sins, ending the experience with "and I lied," figuring it wiped the slate clean. You can rationalize yourself into any corner you want, but that doesn't make it right.

Now we will need to see just how far Regina will spiral before she hits rock bottom again and realizes she needs to get herself under control. From what I understand, when an addict starts down that road, they need to hit bottom again before they'll climb back up. It's not going to be pretty.

That left Daphne to lean on Kathryn when the police found one of the guys responsible in the food truck robbery. Daphne told the police that the guy who attacked her was the one in the red flannel, but the guy she identified was the instigator, not the attacker. While he was most definitely complicit, it wasn't the same guy. He bought tacos, but Travis could very well have seen a the other guy. It caused Daphne and Travis to fight over it, but I couldn't imagine Travis being the vindictive sort to stop the guy from being cuffed. It turned out that's exactly what he was doing.

By trying his own brand of vigilante justice, Travis put Daphne into the exact situation Kathryn told her not to let him. He made sure Daphne felt as if he was her responsibility. What a shame. He's been a bit of a wild card, but I was hoping his home problems stemmed more from misunderstandings than his bad attitude. The kids needs an intervention, and quick.

Toby sure didn't let the loss of Nikki stop him for long. He was wrapped all wrapped up in Elisa, the little campaign worker, in no time. I'm wondering how big the truck was that carried the signs they were pounding into the Mission Hills neighborhood every six feet. I'd go crazy if that kind of campaigning infiltrated my neighborhood. 

I spotted her as a plant, but as the daughter of the opposition? Zowie! It would appear that John Kennish's campaign was being attacked from all directions.

One of the other attacks came from Bay. It wasn't anything malicious, by any means, but for a straight-laced guy like John, it was risky. He asked Bay to design a billboard for him and she, true to style, came up with a graffiti-style graphic that was unrepresentative of Kennish, to say the least. To his credit and against the advice of his campaign manager, Ivan, he decided to go for it.

When Bay overheard Ivan say her artwork would add the flames to John's bad campaign, and didn't turn in her camera ready art thinking it was the right thing to do. That's when she learned her dad genuinely liked her artwork and was looking forward to using it to back up his campaign fight. Right on John!

Don't worry, I'm not letting anyone go without mentioning that Emmett hasn't given up on Bay. He saw her and Noah together and planted one on her to ask if she was sure she was ready to move on. Written strategically into the script was that kiss, because it's also the first time that Noah seemed a bit of a dud. He was a bit whiny, and Bay doesn't need that. Of course I think Emmett is groovy, but at least give us a worthy opponent to take up time until they get back on track!

Two more episodes in this part of Switched at Birth Season 2. What do you expect to see before we take a break?

Drive in the Knife Review

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