Two and a Half Men Review: Girl Problems

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After a two-week break, Walden and the gang returned for "Run, Steven Staven! Run!" - and, boy, did it remind me why I liked this show in the first place. 

The half hour featured a lot of signature Two and Half Men jokes, along with some cringe-worthy moments.

Lyndsey's Date

We kicked off with Alan refusing to give Lyndsey a key to the beach house. I could see the rationale behind that, seeing as it is not his house, but he has lived there longer than the current owner of the residence.

His reason, however, for not handing over the item was rather dumb; as she could surely do better than Alan, which Walden and the rest of the gang rightly pointed out. Speaking of Walden, he is still a wreck over Kate, but I think he should just move on.

That aside, Herb has returned as well as Billy... and they were both on fire tonight. They both got dumped by Alan and Walden’s respective ex-wives. HA!

I always thought of Herb as the standup guy; who knew he could cheat on Judith 36.5 times?!? By the way, who would have knew Judith is a swinger? Not me, that's for certain.

After they had all been heartbroken, they decided to buck up and hit the town, which in itself was a bad idea because Billy got drinks thrown at him. From there, they all ended up in the bathtub. And, after a little ribbing around, Alan came to his senses and chose to go back and beg Lyndsey, even though she was on a date with her gynecologist (Willie Garson of White Collar).

It's safe to say that Alan and Lyndsey have come a long way. I personally cannot wait for them to get engaged. Like the song says, though, “one step a time." Finally, after taking a break, the show is back and firing on all cylinders. What did you think of this latest installment?

Run, Steven Staven! Run! Review

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Two and a Half Men Season 10 Episode 14 Quotes

Please, the only way you could ever satisfy three women, is if they were all cannibals.


Walden: Why did she leave you..?
Billy: She said I was condescending, inconsiderate, and I looked like a lesbian art teacher.