Revenge Episode Preview: What's the Next Bombshell?

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As we noted last night in our Revenge review, Emily Thorne just can't catch a break.

Someone or some thing is always competing with her Revengenda, throwing wrenches left and right into her plans to settle the score with the Graysons. See James, Eli, and Falcon, man/myth/hacker.

Looking ahead to next week's episode, with Victoria continuing to enlist the help of Amanda's foster brother in her new foundation, Emily seizes an opportunity to regain some of her missing past.

All while settling the score with someone who had a hand in setting her on this path in the first place. The red marker is back! Does that mean we're in for another big takedown? One can only hope.

Also, the preview hypes a really big bombshell in the final five minutes Sunday. What do you think it is? And will it have anything to do with Mason Treadwell, who Emily apparently pays a visit to?

Check out the promo for "Victory" below and share your comments ...

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