Beauty and the Beast Boss Teases Identity, Jealousy... and Pregnancy?!?

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After a few weeks of reruns, Beauty and the Beast rages back tonight with “Heart Of Darkness.”

With Tess now knowing about Vincent and Evan finding out about his whereabouts, what happens next? And when will we find out ADA Gabe’s true agenda? And with Vincent’s DNA being less than normal, have the writers talked about what would happen if Cat suddenly found herself pregnant?

For the answers to these questions and more, I jumped on the phone with Executive Producer Jennifer Levin. In the following excerpts, she dishes scoop on this evening's episode, along with what we’ll see in the installments leading up to the May 16 season finale.


TV Fanatic: Catherine and Vincent they seem to be in a pretty good place, which of course of makes me think they won’t be in a good place for long. 
JL: They are in a pretty good place. In the next episode, Cat and Vincent have to deal with the fact that Evan saw him leaping from the fire escape and alerts Muirfield to where Vincent is. So Cat has to go in and deal with Evan and Evan quickly realizes that he might have been wrong about Vincent and then he has do to something drastic in order to help the situation. So it all sort of spirals out of what Evan saw off of the last episode.

TVF: Is it safe to say that Evan is acting out of his emotions for Catherine or has it just become the right thing for him to do at some point?
JL: I think both. I mean, I think he really believes the vigilante is a bad guy and that he wants to clear the city of New York of him but, also, he wants to protect Cat. He doesn’t want her to be with a dangerous person and obviously there is the jealousy since he is in love with her.

TVF:  How is Catherine going to take that information or is she aware that he is in love with her?
JL: I think she wouldn’t be totally surprised. She senses that he obviously has feelings for her. She is freaked out that he’s done this thing. She feels a little bit culpable herself. She feels guilty because she leads him on. Did she do anything to make this happen?

TVF:  Of course Tess now knows about Vincent. What are the discussions in the writer’s room when you decide to let somebody else in on the secret about Vincent?
JL: Tess finding out was always something that we wanted to happen. Evan sort of evolved since it felt like he was getting so close and that sort of happened more organically. We always wanted Cat to have a really good friend and we didn’t want her world to just be Vincent. That felt sort of isolated. So that was something we always wanted. The fact that they are happening so close together wasn’t something we necessarily intended, it just felt like it was the right time.

TVF: How is that going to affect Tess because now she is lying to Joe and she’s such a dutiful cop?
JL: She’s a cop, so I think her friendship is going be tested, her loyalty is going to be tested. Her ethics are going to be tested. Just like Cat, they are going to be in it together. What will Cat ask of her or what won’t she ask of her? I think it will give us stuff to explore rather than just ‘I can’t tell you, I can’t tell you.’ I think it will feel more complicated and a deeper relationship.

TVF: Okay, any chance that Joe is going to pick up on some of this because everything is kind of happening right under his nose but he has yet to figure it out.
JL: Right, yeah. I mean, definitely. Definitely.

TVF: Let’s talk about our ADA Gabe. Sendhil Ramamurthy is such a great addition to the show. Are we going to find out what his agenda is?
JL: Well, his agenda is he is going to find out who the mole really is and he is going to realize that Cat is close to vigilante. And upcoming they are going to start bonding when he reveals that he knows about Muirfield and so he and Cat can start bonding over that…[and] upcoming, Vincent is going to be very suspicious of Gabe and senses there’s something not right with that guy. He gets jealous as Cat and Gabe get closer.

TVF: But is Gabe somebody the viewer should trust, let alone Catherine?
JL: I think that it’s complicated. I think Cat, like us, doesn’t really trust him and yet they have a connection. So he knows about Muirfield. Maybe he is going to help them? Maybe he could be dangerous to them? And so she doesn’t necessarily trust him but she may need something from him.

TVF: Can we expect to see Sendhil in the second season?
JL: Our plan is yes. We love him so it’s definitely…we’re talking about it. We haven’t eliminated it definitely.

TVF: Let’s talk about JT, who I love. What’s coming up with JT in the next episodes?
JL: JT and Vincent find a new place to live, which is not a tunnel or a warehouse but is someplace that Cat wouldn’t like going. They are apartment hunting and we learn a little bit about what Vincent and JT have been through over the past 10 years.

TVF: Vincent and Catherine have taken their relationship to the next level and his DNA is kind of a mess so, of course, in the back of my mind I’m thinking ‘she better not get pregnant because that’s going to be trouble because of his DNA.’ Is that something that you’ve talked about in the writers’ room about just that reality that could happen?
JL: We have. We definitely have. Yes. They can’t do a lot of stuff and we deal with that. In one of the upcoming episodes we deal with it, which is she really ready for that kind of life? She can say she’s ready now but is she really ready?

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