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Gabe finds evidence of a mole on this installment of Beauty and the Beast.

Evan gives up his evidence of Vincent to Muirfield.

Tess tries to get used to Cat and Vincent.

Evan gets himself put into the drunk tank so he can talk openly to Cat about Vincent.

Even also wants to make sure that when Muirfield gets Vincent she won't be with him.

Muirfield picks up Vincent while Vincent and Evan are arguing over Cat on a train.

Tess and J.T. make a great team.

Evan figures it all out and goes to Vincent in the lab. They talk.

Cat arrives and get Vincent out of the cage.

Muirfield dude shoots Evan.

Cat won't leave without Evan.

Evan tells Vincent not to tell Cat about her parents, and ensures he knows about them.

Evan sacrifices himself for Cat and Vincent to escape.

Gabe is shaking in his office when Cat shows up.

Evan sent an email from him phone the night before that he was the mole. Cat is safe.

Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Tess: Sorry to sock-block big guy. I'm sorry. I'm really just trying to get used to all this. First he was a serial killer we were chasing and now he's Hulk with a heart of gold.
Cat: You should see him with his shirt off. I did not just say that.

Yeah, I'm not gonna lie. The whole manimal thing is a lot to wrap my head around.


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Benjamin gibbard bigger than love Bigger Than Love Benjamin Gibbard iTunes
The co safe with me Safe With Me The CO iTunes