Beauty and the Beast Review: "Playing with Fire"

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Life went on this week, as we were introduced to a new medical examiner on "Playing with Fire" and the details of Gabe's life before he became the Assistant District Attorney finally emerged.

It wasn't the best or most romantic episode of the season, but there were a lot of revealing moments leading to some pretty extensive character insight, as well as important history in regard to Muirfield.

Living Arrangements

Despite Joe's desire to get revenge on Evan for helping the vigilante and, therefore, getting his brother killed, Gabe Lowen squashed that pretty early on.

My guess that Muirfield's tentacles were much farther reaching than Vincent and even Gabe was also quickly realized when Gabe's girlfriend said she had just as much reason to find Muirfield as he did, revealing a giant scar down her back.

Whoever or whatever Muirfield are is still very unclear. Of the utmost evil? Most definitely. Gabe's story revealed he was an orphan taken from Calcutta and experimented upon at a very young age. Until Cat mentioned to him tonight that she used to wear a Chimera necklace and was a scientist, he had no idea just how close he was to the woman who saved his life.

He also had no idea how close Catherine was to Muirfield and to the vigilante until his girlfriend showed him photos of the crushed servers at The Orchard Muirfield facility, courtesy of info given to Cat from Cole David (Nathan from Haven) who was guarding the Muirfield facility last week, delivered to her just before he died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Cat's clearly on the Muirfield radar, and it's only a matter of time before they are all discovered. How they all work together is what's going to make all the difference. Just like we didn't want to trust Evan, we learned too late he was a good soul. After what Gabe went through, and what Cat's mother did to save him, I think he's trustworthy.

Everything Gabe told Cat made sense. Why he wanted to take the vigilante alive. Why he wanted to find Muirfield. I was shocked he didn't know where they were. He knew a lot about them, but was using clues to get him as far as he had gotten. What they both lost in protecting Vincent with the destruction of the Muirfield data instead of Cat letting the download go through might be a painful lesson in the long run.

It's so bizarre to think how little Gabe really knew and how lucky he got in finding Catherine and the daughter of the woman who set him free so many years ago. I really can't wait to see how that plays out. It's almost as if they are siblings. Strange, scientifically bred siblings, but still.

Tess was looking out for Joe and trying to get him to help to move on from his broher's death. I believe whether he does that and when will determine their future. And his marriage. Why she is still into a married man is a shame. She's such a great character, now that she's back among the sane.

J.T. still thought it might be a good idea to go back into hiding rather than live the more full life they are engaged in now, it having proven so dangerous and taken the life of his friend Evan. But Vincent and Cat have decided it's best to take down Muirfield together and for everyone they have harmed and to stop thinking only of themselves.

There really isn't a different decision to be made at this point. They have learned what it is to love each other, let more people in, what they are willing to do for each other and others for them. It's all enormous. They have to do what's right because it's who VinCat are as a couple. To choose a different path would mean the end of the couple we've come to adore.

Playing with Fire Review

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