Castle Round Table: "The Lives of Others"

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What do you get the man who has everything? His own murder mystery to solve, of course! For Castle's birthday (and the show's 100th episode) Kate Beckett went big and gifted Castle the most epic present he's ever received.

Below, our Castle Round Table team of Jim Garner, Chandel Charles, and Christine Orlando are joined by Teresa from The 12th Fan Forum as they admit if they were taken in by the April Fool's murder or not, while sound off on which of Charlie's Angels the boys resemble.


1. What was your favorite scene in "The Lives of Others?"

Jim: I loved watching Rick put it all together in his head after the big reveal and Kate looking concerned for just a brief moment. Anyone who has "gone big" for a significant other has had that moment of "should I have done this" and it was great to see Kate proven right.

Chandel: That 30 seconds where Rick decided that his murder mystery gift/surprise party was the best thing ever. Super cute.

Teresa: I was holding my breath at the reveal when Castle realized that it was all staged for him. I think the whole room was holding their breath with me.This demonstrated how special their relationship is, that Kate knows him so well that she would do this for him.

Christine:  I want to come up with something different, but I just can't. Rick frantically coming in the door thinking a crazed killer had Kate only to find the most epic surprise party ever was the best scene of the hour. Honorable mention goes to Esposito and Ryan's Charlie's Angels pose which made me laugh out loud.

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2. Were you April fooled by the neighbor's murder or did you figure out the twist?

Jim: Totally fooled. I thought it was either going to be real and Rick vindicated or fake and Kate vindicated; never in my wildest dreams did I expect the twist.

Chandel: I was fooled; but, to his credit, my boyfriend definitely called it.

Teresa: I was fooled for awhile but it was just too convenient for this to all happen only when Castle was looking.

Christine: I was having so much fun watching that I almost didn't care enough to try and figure it out. But my husband called it as soon as Kate insisted on heading over to find out what was in the fridge. As he said, what do you get the man who can buy himself anything? His own murder mystery.

3. If Castle, Esposito and Ryan were Charlie's Angels, which angel would each one be?

Jim: I think you may have to be more specific. The 1976 series had 6 Angels total, Kelly, Sabrina, Jill, Kris, Tiffany and Julie over the life of the show. The movies in 2000 and 2003 introduced 3 more Angels: Natalie, Dylan and Alex. Followed by the short-lived 2011 reboot, which had yet 3 more, Kate, Eve and Abby... for a grand total of TWELVE different Angels. Why not call them "Kate's Angels" and have them be Rick, Ryan, and Javier.

Chandel: If I knew more about each angel I might be able to answer this question. I yield judgment on this point to the rest of the panel.

Teresa: I did watch the original Charlie's Angles but I can't remember each character well enough to compare.

Christine: Wow, Jim. Someone definitely knows his Angels and as much as I love your idea of Kate's Angels, I'm going to go old school.  Castle is Kelly (Jaclyn Smith), Ryan is Kris (Cheryl Ladd), and Javier is Sabrina (Kate Jackson).

4. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate this episode.

Jim: I'm giving it an 8. While the twist was great, it depended on Castle looking out the window at just the right time (more than once) which broke the magic a tiny bit for me.

Chandel:  I would like to give it an 8 for creativity and general fun-ness.

Teresa: 10. As a fan from the pilot episode, this was a wonderful reward with so many nods to previous episodes, and since it was written by the couple  that was used as the muse for this show, even better.

Christine: I'm giving it a 9. Rick and Kate's banter was great. Even better was their open affection for one another. Plus every character had a chance to shine.

5. What was the most epic gift you've ever received?

Jim: The Ultimate Spider-Man vol 1-6 signed by Stan Lee. I later had it signed by Brian Michael Bendis (the writer) so it is now ever more awesome!

Chandel: Probably an American Girl doll for Valentine's day when I was in the third grade. I know it's not a birthday memory, but the fact it came to mind first after reading this question has to mean something in the grand scheme of things.

Teresa: For our 25th Wedding anniversary the love of my life designed and had made a beautiful heart shaped pendant with birthstones for our kids & grandkids with the center our birthstones & a diamond.

Christine: Most epic gift had to be last Mother's Day when my two-year old said "I love you, Mommy" for the very first time. Nothing beats that.

6. Kate Beckett in that party dress. (Designed by Castle costume designer Luke Reiche) Discuss!

Jim: Sorry, Luke who? I'm guessing this question is going to mean more to some of the ladies in the Round table... right, Christine?

Chandel: I thought it was gorgeous. I always appreciate getting to see the more feminine side of Kate as far as he costuming goes.

Teresa: Nice to see Kate in a dress. This made it special as Castle doesn't get to see her dress up very much.

Christine: Oh, come on Jim. You have to at least admit Kate was gorgeous. I loved the way she playfully made the skirt swing from side to side. The dress was classic, and beautiful, and perfect for Castle's birthday.

7. How can Castle possibly top this gift for Kate?

Jim: Marriage proposal? Trip to Fiji? Name engraved on the moon? There's some options available.

Chandel: I wish I knew, but something tells me when the time comes he will definitely deliver!

Teresa: Only thing that could top this would be a special marriage proposal.

Christine: That trip to Bora Bora with a bungalow over the water on a private beach would certainly do it for me.

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